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Anavar (oxandrolone)

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Dosage and Administration:

Sexual activity may put

Anavar (oxandrolone)

extra strain on your heart, especially if you have heart problems, if you have heart problems and experience any serious Anavar (oxandrolone) side effects while having sex, stop having sex and tell your doctor immediately. These side effects include severe dizziness, Anavar (oxandrolone) fainting, chest pain, or nausea. In the unlikely event that you have a painful or prolonged erection (lasting more Anavar (oxandrolone) than 4 hours), stop using this medicine and seek immediate medical attention or permanent problems could occur.

Clomid is indicated for the Anavar (oxandrolone) treatment of ovulatory dysfunction in women desiring pregnancy.

Although Sustanon does not aromatize excessively

Anavar (oxandrolone)

when taken in a reasonable dosage many people, in addition, also take an antiestrogen such as Nolvadex and/or Proviron to prevent possible Anavar (oxandrolone) estrogen-linked side effects.

Steroid novices should not (yet) use Trenabol Depot. Anavar (oxandrolone) The same is true for women; however, there are enough female athletes who do not care since the female organism reacts Anavar (oxandrolone) to the androgenic charge and the strong anabolic effect of Trenabol Depot with distinct gains in muscles and strength, especially from a female Anavar (oxandrolone) point of view. Thus the entire body has a harder and more athletic look. Trenabol Depot without a doubt is an enticing product for ambitious

Anavar (oxandrolone)
female athletes. In the end everything depends on your personal willingness to take risks, ladies. The fact is that the standards on the national Anavar (oxandrolone) and international competition scenes in female bodybuilding have achieved levels which cannot Anavar (oxandrolone) be reached without the administration of strongly androgenic steroid compounds. A combination well liked by female Anavar (oxandrolone) bodybuilders consists of 76 mg Trenabol Depot/week, 20 mg Winstrol tablets/day, and 100 mcg Clenbuterol/day Anavar (oxandrolone) Women who do not in-ject more than one ampule of Trenabol Depot per week and who limit the period of intake to 4-5 weeks can mostly avoid or minimize virilization

Anavar (oxandrolone)

symptoms. Female athletes who are overdoing it or who are sensitive to the androgenic part Anavar (oxandrolone) of trenbolone hexahydrobencylcarbonate can be confronted with some unpleas-ant surprises after several weeks Anavar (oxandrolone) of use: acne, androgenically caused hair loss on the scalp, irregular menstrual cycles, missed periods, much higher libido, aggressiveness, Anavar (oxandrolone) deep voice, chtorial hypertrophy, and increased hair growth on face and on the legs. Anavar (oxandrolone) The last three side effects are mostly irreversible changes.

Effective Dose: 20-50 mg/day.

Each 10 ml multidose vial contains 200 mg per ml and comes with a red coloured top.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

• It improves new hair growth - (38%)

Methenolone comes in orals and injectables. The injectables are to be preferred as they Anavar (oxandrolone) can be used for quite some time and only require injecting once a week. The orals are Anavar (oxandrolone) taking every day, or multiple times a day. An oral passes through the liver twice. An injectable only once. The injectable Anavar (oxandrolone) is more effective since less is broken down.

ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES: Winstrol, Stanabol, Stanabol injectable, Stanobol, Stanozolol.

VIAGRA is only for patients with erectile dysfunction. VIAGRA is not for newborns, children, or women. Research is underway

Anavar (oxandrolone)
into the possible effectiveness of Viagra for Women, however until the results are known, we do not recommend the use of VIAGRA Anavar (oxandrolone) by women. Do not let anyone else take your VIAGRA. VIAGRA must be used only under a doctor's supervision.

Consider giving this paper to Anavar (oxandrolone) the person who is going to be with you when you use insulin, so they are aware of the Anavar (oxandrolone) things to look out for and what to do if you should experience a hypoglycemic reaction. Anavar (oxandrolone) The following instructions are for a peer observer or other person who may find you experiencing difficulty as a result of overdosing on insulin or any other drug or combination of

Anavar (oxandrolone)


The strangest thing however, taking into account that Primo is still a DHT (or rather Anavar (oxandrolone) DHB) derivative, is that it is quite easy on the system androgenically as well. Women use methenolone often, usually the tabs, and find little Anavar (oxandrolone) virilisation symptoms in short term use of methenolone. Long-term use may induce some acne and a deepening of the voice however. Methenolone Anavar (oxandrolone) is also not overly suppressive of the HPT axis (endocrinal axis for the production of natural testosterone). These are both the result of DHB's Anavar (oxandrolone) 1,2-double bond, which, analog to the parent structure boldenone, reduces the androgenic binding by 50%

Anavar (oxandrolone)
as opposed to DHT.

Trenbolone also has the advantage of significantly increasing the level of the Anavar (oxandrolone) hormone IGF-1 (which is highly anabolic) within muscle tissue. (2) Not only does it increase the levels of IGF-1, substantially, it also causes Anavar (oxandrolone) increased sensitivity to it (3). This is true of many steroids, such as Testosterone, and Anavar (oxandrolone) many others. However, if we compare Trenbolone to Testosterone, we additionally see that it¡¯s binding affinity to the androgen Anavar (oxandrolone) receptor (AR) is significantly stronger (4). Strong androgen receptor binding is a major contributing factor in anabolism as well as fat loss.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Xenical, overdose

As we age, our HGH levels decline to a fraction of the levels of our youth. Anavar (oxandrolone) Many in modern medicine believe that supplementing our diets with HGH is an effective way to avoid the diseases and conditions associated with Anavar (oxandrolone) aging and improve vitality and appearance. HGH supplements increase the body's natural production of Human Growth Hormone to maximize health Anavar (oxandrolone) and fitness without the use of prescription drugs.

Formula (base): C18 H22 O2

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Before you start any treatment with KAMAGRA, be sure to ask your healthcare provider if your heart is healthy enough. If you're a man who

Anavar (oxandrolone)

uses nitrate drugs, like nitroglycerine, never take KAMAGRA. The combination of KAMAGRA and nitrates can make your blood Anavar (oxandrolone) pressure suddenly drop to unsafe levels. You could get dizzy, faint, or even have a heart attack or stroke. Anavar (oxandrolone) Nitrates are found in many prescription medications that are used to treat angina (chest pain due Anavar (oxandrolone) to heart disease) such as:

Winstrol (Stanozolol) additional information Anavar (oxandrolone)

Dianabol aromatises easily so that it is not a very good steroid when working out for a competition but for those wishing to aquire raw size, it is a star among oral steroids. Dianabol has a half-life time of only

Anavar (oxandrolone)

3.2-4.5 hours, meaning that you should take Dianabol twice a day to enjoy a rich content in the Anavar (oxandrolone) blood stream. Many bodybuilders ask if dianabol can be taken alone, the answer is yes, but, truly great and fast results are best achieved Anavar (oxandrolone) when stacked with Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) or Testosterone Compund (Sustanon). Anavar (oxandrolone) Take 5 x 10mg tabs of dianabol a day and 4-6 amps of deca a week and watch for some Anavar (oxandrolone) amazing results in strength and size

Example of a first cycle:

Androlic / Anadrol Anavar (oxandrolone) tablets. Each anadrol tablet contains 50mg oxymetholone. Androlic / Anadrol, brand name Androlic, comes in packs of 20 tablets

Anavar (oxandrolone)
and is manufactured by The British Dispensary (L.P.) Co.Ltd.

The question of the right dosage, as well as the type and duration of Anavar (oxandrolone) application, is very difficult to answer. Since there is no scientificresearch showing how STH should be taken for performance Anavar (oxandrolone) improvement, we can only rely on empirical data, that is experimental values. The respective manufacturers indicate that in cases of hypophysially stunted Anavar (oxandrolone) growth due to lacking or insuffieient release of growt hormones by the hypophysis, a weekly average dose of 0.3 Anavar (oxandrolone) I.U/ week per pound of body weight should be taken. An athlete weighting 200 pounds, therefore,

Anavar (oxandrolone)

would have to inject 60 I.U. weekly. The dosage would be divided into three intramuscular Anavar (oxandrolone) injections of 20 I.U. each. Subcutaneous injections (under the skin) are another form of intake which, however would have to be injected daily, usually Anavar (oxandrolone) 8 I.U. per day. Top athletes usually inject 4-16 I.U./day. Ordinarily, daily subcutaneous injections are preferred. Since STH has a half life time Anavar (oxandrolone) of less than one hour, it is not surprising that some athletes divide their dail dose into three or four subcutaneous injections of 2-4 I.U. each. Application of regular small dosages seems to bring the most effective results. This also has its
Anavar (oxandrolone)
reasons: When STH is injected, serum concentration in the blood rises quickly, meaning Anavar (oxandrolone) that the effect is almost immediate. As we know, STH stimulates the liver to produce Anavar (oxandrolone) and release somatomedins and insulin like growth factors which in turn effect the desired results in the body. Since the liver can only produce a limited Anavar (oxandrolone) amount of these substances, we doubt that larger STH injections will induce the liver Anavar (oxandrolone) to produce instantaneously a larger quantity of somatomedins and insulin-like growth factors. It seems more likely Anavar (oxandrolone) that the liver will react more favorably to smaller dosages. If the STH solution is injected subcutaneously

Anavar (oxandrolone)

several consecutive times at the same point of injection, a loss of fat tissue is possible. Therefore, the point of injection, or even better, Anavar (oxandrolone) the entire sisde of the body should be continuously, changed in order to avoid a loss of local fat tissue (lipoathrophy) in the injection Anavar (oxandrolone) cell. One thing has manifested itself over the years: The effect of STH is dosage-dependent. This means either invest Anavar (oxandrolone) a lot of money and do it right or do not even begin. Half-hearted attempts are condemned Anavar (oxandrolone) to failure Minimum effective dosages seem to start at 4 I.U. per day. For comparison: the hypophysis of a healthy; adult, releases 0.5-1.5 I.U. growth
Anavar (oxandrolone)
hormones daily. The duration of intake usually depends on the athlete's financial resources. Anavar (oxandrolone) Our experience is that STH is taken over a prolonged period, from at least six weeks to several months. It is interesting to note that the effect of STH Anavar (oxandrolone) does not stop after a few weeks; this usually allows for continued improvements at a steady dosage. Bodybuilders who have had Anavar (oxandrolone) positive results with STH have reported that the build-up strength and, in particular, the newly-gained muscle Anavar (oxandrolone) system were essentially maintained after discontinuance of the product. It remains to be clarified what happens with the insulin and LT-3 thyroid

Anavar (oxandrolone)

hormone. Athletes who take STH in their build-up phase usually do not need exogenous insulin. It is recommended, in Anavar (oxandrolone) this case, that the athlete eats a complete meal every three hours, resulting in 6-7 meals day. This causes the body to continuously Anavar (oxandrolone) release insulin so that the blood sugar level does not fall too low. The use of LT-3 thyroid hormones, Anavar (oxandrolone) in this phase, is carried out reluctantly by athletes. In any case, you must have a physician check Anavar (oxandrolone) the thyroid hormone level during the intake of STH. Simultaneous use of anabolic /androgenic steroids and/or Clenbuterol is usually appropriate. During the preparation for a competition

Anavar (oxandrolone)

the use of thyroid hormones steadily inereases. Sometimes insulin is taken together with STH, as Anavar (oxandrolone) well as with steroids and Clenbuterol. Apart from the high damage potential that exogenous insulin Anavar (oxandrolone) can have in non-diabetics, incorrect use will simply and plainly make you "FAT! Too much insulin activates certain enzymes which convert Anavar (oxandrolone) glucose into glycerol and finally into triglyceride. Too little insulin, especially during a diet, reduces the anabolic effect of STH. Anavar (oxandrolone) The solution to this dilemma? Visiting a qualified physician who advises the athlete during this undertaking and who, in the event of exogenous insulin supply, checks

Anavar (oxandrolone)

the blood sugar level and urine periodically. According to what we have heard so far, athletes usually inject Anavar (oxandrolone) intermediately-effective insulin having a maximum duration of effect of 24 hours once a day. Human insulin such as Depot-H-Insulin Hoechst is generally Anavar (oxandrolone) used. Briefly-effective insulin with a maximum duration of effect of eight hours is rarely used by athletes. Again a human insulin such as H-Insulin Anavar (oxandrolone) Hoechst is preferred.

Possible side effects of clenbuterol also include restlessness, palpitations, tremor, headache, increased perspiration, insomnia, possible muscle spasms, increased blood pressure and nausea.

Anavar (oxandrolone)
Note that these side effects are of a temporary nature and usually subside after 8-10 days, despite continuation of the intake of Anavar (oxandrolone) clenbuterol.

Phentermine diet pills are used for a short-term to help you quickly lose weight and fight Anavar (oxandrolone) obesity. You need to develop better eating habits and exercise while taking Phentermine or any other weight loss medication. Diet pills are not a substitute Anavar (oxandrolone) for proper eating or exercise if you want the best results combine Phentermine with your diet Anavar (oxandrolone) plan. Do not share this medication with friends or family.

The optimal dose for this purpose lies between 200 and 600

Anavar (oxandrolone)

mg/week. Scientific research has shown that best results can be obtained by the intake of 2 mg/pound body weight. Those who take a dose of less Anavar (oxandrolone) than 200 mg/week will usually feel only a very light anabolic effect which, however, increases with a higher dosage. The anabolic and Anavar (oxandrolone) consequent buildup effect of deca, up to a certain degree, depends on the dosage. In the Anavar (oxandrolone) range of approx. 200 to 600 mg/week, the anabolic effect increases almost proportionately to Anavar (oxandrolone) the dosage increase. If more than 600 mg/week are administered, the relationship of the positive to the negative effects shifts in favor of the latter. In addition, at a dosage

Anavar (oxandrolone)

level above 600 mg/week, the anabolic effect no longer increases proportionately to the dosage increase, so that 1000 mg/week do Anavar (oxandrolone) not guarantee significantly better results than 600 mg/week. Most male athletes experience good results by taking 400 mg/week. Steroid Anavar (oxandrolone) novices usually need only 200 mg/week. Deca Durabolin works very well for muscle buildup when Anavar (oxandrolone) combined with Dianabol (D-bol) and Testoviron Depot. The famous Dianabol (D-bol)/Deca stack Anavar (oxandrolone) results in a a fast and strong gain in muscle mass. Most athletes usually take 15-40 mg Dianabol (D-bol)/day and 200-400 mg Deca/week. Even faster results can be achieved with 400 mg
Anavar (oxandrolone)
Deca/week and 500 mg Sustanon/week. Athletes report an enormous gain in strength and muscle mass when Anavar (oxandrolone) taking 400 mg Deca/week, 500 mg Sustanon/week, and 30 mg Dianabol (D-bol)/day.

Humilin R Anavar (oxandrolone) should be injected subcutaneously only with a U-100 insulin syringe. Insulin syringes are available without a prescription in many states. Anavar (oxandrolone) If the athlete can not purchase the syringes at a pharmacy, he can mail order them or buy them on Anavar (oxandrolone) the black market. Using a syringe other than a U-100 is dangerous since it will be difficult to measure out the correct dosage. Subcutaneous insulin injections are usually given by pinching a fold

Anavar (oxandrolone)
of skin in the abdomen area. To speed up the effect of the insulin, many athletes will Anavar (oxandrolone) inject their dose into the thigh or triceps.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist: about Anavar (oxandrolone) all other medicines you are taking, including non-prescription medicines; if you are a Anavar (oxandrolone) frequent user of drinks with caffeine or alcohol; if you smoke; or if you use illegal drugs. These may affect the way your medicine works. Anavar (oxandrolone) Check before stopping or starting any of your medicines.

Drinking alcohol can temporarily impair the ability to get an erection. To get the maximum benefit from your medication, you are advised not to drink large

Anavar (oxandrolone)

amounts of alcohol before taking KAMAGRA.

HCG, is not an anabolic/an-drogenic steroid but a natural protein Anavar (oxandrolone) hormone which develops in the placenta of a pregnant woman. HCG is manufac-tured from the urine Anavar (oxandrolone) of pregnant women since it is excreted in unchanged form from the blood via the woman's urine, passing through the kidneys. Anavar (oxandrolone) The commercially available HCG is sold as a dry substance and can be used both in men and Anavar (oxandrolone) women. in women injectable HCG allows for ovulation since it influences the last stages of the development of the ovum, thus stimulating ovulation. In a man HCG stimulates production of androgenic hormones

Anavar (oxandrolone)

(testosterone). For this reason athletes use injectable HCG to increase the testosterone production. HCG is often used in combination Anavar (oxandrolone) with anabolic/androgenic steroids during or after treatment. Since the body usually needs a certain amount of time to get its testosterone Anavar (oxandrolone) production going again, the athlete, after discontinuing steroid compounds, experiences a difficult transition phase which often goes hand in Anavar (oxandrolone) hand with a considerable loss in both strength and muscle mass. Administering HCG directly after Anavar (oxandrolone) steroid treatment helps to reduce this condition because HCG increases the testosterone production in the testes very quickly

Anavar (oxandrolone)

and reliably. In the event of testicular atrophy caused by mega doses and very long periods of usage, Anavar (oxandrolone) HCG also helps to quickly bring the testes back to their original condition (size). Since occasional injections of HCG during steroid intake can Anavar (oxandrolone) avoid a testicular atrophy, many athletes use HCG for two to three weeks in the middle of their steroid treatment. It is Anavar (oxandrolone) often observed that during this time the athlete makes his best progress with respect Anavar (oxandrolone) to gains in both strength and muscle mass. Those who are on the juice all year round, who might suffer psychological consequences or who would perhaps risk the breakup of a relationship
Anavar (oxandrolone)
because of this should consider this drawback when taking HCG in regular in-tervals. Anavar (oxandrolone) A reduced libido and spermatogenesis due to steroids, in most cases, can be successfully cured Anavar (oxandrolone) by treatment with HCG.

In addition, androgenic side effects are common with Anavar (oxandrolone) this substance, and may include bouts of oily skin, acne and body/facial hair growth. Aggression may also Anavar (oxandrolone) be increased with a potent steroid such as this, so it would be wise not to let your disposition change Anavar (oxandrolone) for the worse during a cycle. With Dianabol there is also the possibility of aggravating a male pattern baldness condition. Sensitive individuals

Anavar (oxandrolone)

may therefore wish to avoid this drug and opt for a milder anabolic such as Deca-Durabolin. Anavar (oxandrolone) While Dianabol does convert to a more potent steroid via interaction with the 5-alpha reductase Anavar (oxandrolone) anzyme (the same enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone), it has extremely little affinity Anavar (oxandrolone) to do so in the human body's. The androgenic metabolite 5alpha dihydromethandrostenolone is therefore produced Anavar (oxandrolone) only in trace amounts at best. Therefore the use of Proscar/Propecia would serve no real purpose.

Day 14: 80 mcg

Clomid at recommended dosages, is generally well tolerated. Adverse reactions

Anavar (oxandrolone)

usually have been mild and transient and most have disappeared promptly after treatment Anavar (oxandrolone) has been discontinued.

In a mass stack Winny makes a good match for Deca and Nilevar. Whether or not its Anavar (oxandrolone) anti-progestagenic effects are for real or not, lets just say it can't hurt. In any stack with Deca the use of 25-50 mg a day Anavar (oxandrolone) for the first 6-8 weeks of the stack can kickstart it and add some strength. With Nilevar there is a Anavar (oxandrolone) practical objection because it is also 17-alpha alkylated and more toxic than Winny, so your stack would be limited to 6 weeks, which is not overly productive.

The isohexanoate ester in

Anavar (oxandrolone)
Omnadren is the same, only named differently, as the isocaproate ester in Sustanon. Thus, the hexanoate vs. decanoate difference is the only difference Anavar (oxandrolone) in the mixture of esters.

Each 10 ml multidose vial contains 75mg per ml. Vials have a white coloured generic flip-off top. Anavar (oxandrolone)

It takes 60 minutes before KAMAGRA starts to work and stays to work for up to 4 hours.

Anavar (oxandrolone) For a long time the Polish Metanabol was packaged in a small brown glass vial of 20 tablets each. Unfortunately, the tablets are not indented or marked so the contents of the vials can be easily substituted. Since 1994, Metanabol has

Anavar (oxandrolone)

only been available in blister strips of 10 tablets each, of orange color, and with their own packaging. The Czech Stenolon tablets have two Anavar (oxandrolone) indents on one side and Come in push-through strips of 20 tablets. Each push-through strip is included in a yellow-grey package. Note that there Anavar (oxandrolone) is no package insert since the entire user information is printed on the back of the small carton. On the black market usually only individual Anavar (oxandrolone) strips without packaging can be found since the packaging takes up too much room when smuggled. Because of the interesting price of these two compounds it is not unusual to find athletes who take tmentyor

Anavar (oxandrolone)

more tablets daily. The Rumanian Naposim contains 20 tablets in 2 blisters.

Male athletes also find Clomid Anavar (oxandrolone) interesting. In men using Clomid, the elevation in both follicle stimulating hormone and (primarily) luteinizing hormone Anavar (oxandrolone) will cause natural testosterone production to increase. This effect is especially beneficial to the athlete at the conclusion of a steroid cycle Anavar (oxandrolone) when endogenous testosterone levels are depressed. If endogenous testosterone levels are not brought beck to normal, a dramatic Anavar (oxandrolone) loss in size and strength is likely to occur once the anabolics have been removed. Clomid can play a crucial role in preventing

Anavar (oxandrolone)
this crash in athletic performance.

Stacking Info:

Nolvadex C&K comes as a tablet, containing Anavar (oxandrolone) 20 mg Tamoxifen, to take by mouth. Nolvadex C&K tablets are usually taken 1-2 times daily, Anavar (oxandrolone) swallowed whole without chewing, with some liquid during meals.

Additional information: Testolic (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg/ml Anavar (oxandrolone)

It is not known whether Clomid is excreted in human milk. Caution should be exercised Anavar (oxandrolone) if Clomid is administered to a nursing woman. In some individuals, Clomid may reduce lactation.

Nolvadex C&K (Tamoxifen) blocks the effects of the estrogen

Anavar (oxandrolone)
hormone in the body. Nolvadex C&K is used to treat breast cancer in women or men but tamoxifen Anavar (oxandrolone) may also be used to treat other kinds of cancer, as determined by your doctor.

Nolvadex Anavar (oxandrolone) C&K works against this by blocking the estrogen receptors of the effected body tissue, thereby inhibiting a bonding of estrogens and Anavar (oxandrolone) receptor. Nolvadex C&K does not prevent testosterone and its synthetic derivatives from converting Anavar (oxandrolone) into estrogens, though, but only fights with them in a sort of "competition" for the estrogen receptors. After the discontinuance of Nolvadex C&K a "rebound effect" can therefore occur where

Anavar (oxandrolone)

the suddenly freed estrogen receptors are able to absorb the estrogen present in the blood. For this reason the combined intake of Proviron. is suggested. Anavar (oxandrolone)

Side effects of Testosterone Cypionate:

Women will take somewhere in the range of 5-l0 mg daily. Although female Anavar (oxandrolone) athletes usually find stanozolol very tolerable, the injectable is usually off limits. They risk androgenic buildup, Anavar (oxandrolone) as a regular 50 mg injection will provide much too high a dosage. Here the tablets are the Anavar (oxandrolone) general preference. Although stanozolol is only moderately androgenic, the risk of virilization symptoms should remain a concern.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

by Bill Roberts - Nolvadex is very comparable to Clomid, behaves in the same manner in all tissues, and is a mixed Anavar (oxandrolone) estrogen agonist/antagonist of the same type as Clomid. The two molecules are also very similar in structure. Anavar (oxandrolone)

Among the most significant differences of synthetic AAS compared to testosterone is that they may avoid either or both of these Anavar (oxandrolone) enzymatic conversions. Another difference results from the fact that not all activity caused by androgens is mediated Anavar (oxandrolone) by the androgen receptor, and not all AAS are comparably effective in these other activities.

Typically if using clenbuterol the

Anavar (oxandrolone)

dose would be about 100 mcg per day. It is not anabolic (or significantly so.)

You should make sure that keep Anavar (oxandrolone) your Phentermine medications at room temperature and keep it away from elements that might harm the medication. Also keep this medication out Anavar (oxandrolone) of the reach of small children. This medication is for adult use only.

Viagra comes as a tablet Anavar (oxandrolone) to take it orally. It should be taken as needed about 1 hour before sexual activity. However, Viagra can be taken anytime from 4 hours to 30 Anavar (oxandrolone) minutes before sexual activity. Viagra should not be taken more than once a day. Do not take more or less of it or take

Anavar (oxandrolone)

it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Change in vaginal discharge, chills, Anavar (oxandrolone) fever, hoarseness, lower back or side pain, pain or feeling of pressure in pelvis, Anavar (oxandrolone) pain, redness, or swelling in your arm or leg, painful or difficult urination, rapid shallow breathing, Anavar (oxandrolone) skin rash or itching over the entire body, sweating, vaginal bleeding, wheezing, absent, decrease in amount Anavar (oxandrolone) of urine, feeling of warmth redness of the face, neck, arms and occasionally, upper chest, menstrual changes, nausea, vaginal bleeding, weight changes, Anavar (oxandrolone) white or brownish vaginal discharge.

Usual range with this drug would be 10 to

Anavar (oxandrolone)

30mg a day and a duration of time which would be the amount needed on a individual basis of the problem Anavar (oxandrolone) to be resolved and back to normal.

Although it does not turn out to be 100% effective for everyone, Anavar (oxandrolone) it does seem to exhibit some level of effectiveness for the majority. It works so well Anavar (oxandrolone) for some bodybuilders they can take drugs like Anadrol right up to a contest as long as they stack Anavar (oxandrolone) it with Nolvadex C&K. It would seem wise to take this drug in conjunction with any steroid cycle. Most reported a dosage of 10 mg to 20 mg daily got the job done. Availability of Nolvadex C&K has been fair on the black market.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Because of its water carrier it does not go directly into the blood, but when it does enter the bloodstream it is released quite Anavar (oxandrolone) quickly delivering very high peak doses. It is injected every day, to every other day at the very least. Some seem to claim that water based steroids Anavar (oxandrolone) will still last in the body for several days on end, but this is not a generally accepted, let alone proven fact. In fact while the steroid probably Anavar (oxandrolone) does exert some action for 2-3 days, most athletes will opt to take advantage of the peak dose and inject it daily. If one sees that even a short ester steroid like propionate is injected every

Anavar (oxandrolone)
day to every other day in most cases, this logic is easy to follow.

Bonavar was the old U.S. brand name for the oral steroid oxandrolone, Anavar (oxandrolone) that was first produced in 1964 by the drug manufacturer Searle. It was designed as an extremely mild anabolic, that could even be safely Anavar (oxandrolone) used as a growth stimulant in children. One immediately thinks of the standard worry, "steroids Anavar (oxandrolone) including oxandrolone will stunt growth". But it is actually the excess estrogen produced by most steroids that is Anavar (oxandrolone) the culprit, just as it is the reason why women stop growing Bonavar sooner and have a shorter average stature than men. Bonavar will not

Anavar (oxandrolone)
aromatize, and therefore the anabolic effect of the Bonavar compound can actually promote linear Anavar (oxandrolone) growth. Women usually tolerate this drug well at low doses, and at one time Bonavar was prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis. Anavar (oxandrolone) But the atmosphere surrounding steroids began to change rapidly in the 1980's, and prescriptions for Oxandrolone began to drop. Anavar (oxandrolone) Lagging sales probably led Searle to discontinue manufacture in 1989, and it had vanished from U.S. pharmacies until recently. Oxandrolone Anavar (oxandrolone) tablets are again available inside the U.S. by BTG, bearing the new brand name Oxandrin. BTG purchased rights to Bonavar from Searle
Anavar (oxandrolone)
and is now manufactured for the new purpose of treating HIV/AIDS related wasting syndrome. Many welcomed this announcement, Anavar (oxandrolone) as Bonavar had gained a very favorable reputation among athletes over the years.


If you notice other Anavar (oxandrolone) effects not listed above, contact your doctor.

Primobolan Depot

Molecular Anavar (oxandrolone) Weight (base): 288.429

Liver Toxic: Yes, very high

Although this particular ester is active for a much Anavar (oxandrolone) longer duration, most athletes prefer to inject Testosterone Enanthate on a weekly basis in order to keep blood levels more uniform. The usual dosage

Anavar (oxandrolone)

for Testosterone Enanthate would be in the range of 250 mg-750 mg (200 mg-800 mg U.S. strength). This level is quite sufficient, and should Anavar (oxandrolone) provide the user a rapid gain of strength and body weight. Above this level estrogenic side Anavar (oxandrolone) effects will no doubt become much more pronounced, outweighing any new muscle that is possibly gained. Those looking for greater Anavar (oxandrolone) bulk would be better served by adding an oral like Anadrol 50?or Dianabol, combinations which prove to be nothing less than dramatic. If the athlete Anavar (oxandrolone) wishes to use a testosterone yet retain a level of quality and definition to the physique, an injectable anabolic like Deca-Durabolin
Anavar (oxandrolone)
or Equipoise may prove to be a better choice. Here we can use a lower dosage of enanthate, so Anavar (oxandrolone) as to gain an acceptable amount of muscle but keep the buildup of estrogen to a minimum. Of course the excess estrogen that Anavar (oxandrolone) is associated with testosterone makes it a bulking only drug, producing too much water (and fat) retention for use near contest time.

High Anavar (oxandrolone) Blood Pressure: Dose depandant

DHT Conversion: No

The dose of tamoxifen will be different for different patients. Anavar (oxandrolone) Follow your doctor's orders or the directions on the label. Common doses are;

Mastabol 200 Depot combines

Anavar (oxandrolone)
the fast-acting propionate form with the longer acting enanthate form.

Anabolic steroids such as Anavar (oxandrolone) stanozolol are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Stanozolol has Anavar (oxandrolone) a pronounced anabolic effect with fewer masculinizing side effects than testosterone or some other synthetic anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are Anavar (oxandrolone) used in stimulating appetite and increasing weight gain, strength, and vigor. They should be used as a part of an Anavar (oxandrolone) overall program with other supportive and nutritional therapies.

The above information is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment

Anavar (oxandrolone)

of your physician, or other healthcare professional. It should not be construed to indicate that use of anadrol is safe, appropriate, or effective Anavar (oxandrolone) for you. Consult your healthcare professional before using anadrol.

The Anavar (oxandrolone) safety and efficacy of Xenical in pediatric patients have not been established.

Anavar is also Anavar (oxandrolone) a 17alpha alkylated oral steroid, carrying an alteration that will put stress on the liver. It is important Anavar (oxandrolone) to point out however that dispite this alteration oxandrolone is generally very well tolerated. While liver enzyme tests will occasionally show elevated values, actual damage due to this

Anavar (oxandrolone)

steroid is not usually a problem. Bio-Technology General states that oxandrolone is not as extensively metabolized Anavar (oxandrolone) by the liver as other l7aa orals are; evidenced by the fact that nearly a third of the compound is still intact when excreted in the Anavar (oxandrolone) urine. This may have to do with the understood milder nature of this agent (compared Anavar (oxandrolone) to other l7aa orals) in terms of hepatotoxicity. One study comparing the effects Anavar (oxandrolone) of oxandrolone to other agents including as methyltestosterone, norethandrolone, fluoxymesterone and methAndriol clearly supports this notion. Here it was demonstrated that oxandrolone causes the lowest sulfobromophthalein
Anavar (oxandrolone)
(BSP; a marker of liver stress) retention among all the alkylated orals tested. 20mg of oxandrolone in fact Anavar (oxandrolone) produced 72% less BSP retention than an equal dosage of fluoxyrnesterone, which is a considerable Anavar (oxandrolone) difference being that they possess the same liver-toxic alteration. With such findings, Anavar (oxandrolone) combined with the fact that athletes rarely report trouble with this drug, most feel Anavar (oxandrolone) comfortable believing it to be much safer to use during longer cycles than most of other orals with this distinction. Anavar (oxandrolone) Although this may very well be true, the chance of liver damage still cannot be excluded, especially with hogher dosages.


Anavar (oxandrolone)

Bill Roberts - Nolvadex C&K is very comparable to Clomid, behaves in the same manner in all tissues, and Anavar (oxandrolone) is a mixed estrogen agonist/antagonist of the same type as Clomid. The two molecules are also very similar in Anavar (oxandrolone) structure.

Mechanism of action

This drug is a potent nonsteroidal anti-estrogen. It is indicated for use in estrogen dependent Anavar (oxandrolone) tumors, i.e. breast cancer. Steroid users take Nolvadex to prevent the effects of estrogen in the body. This estrogen is most often the Anavar (oxandrolone) result of aromatizing steroids. Nolvadex can aid in preventing edema, gynecomastia, and female pattern fat distribution, all of

Anavar (oxandrolone)

which might occur when a man's estrogen levels are too high. Also, these effects can occur Anavar (oxandrolone) when androgen levels are too low, making estrogen the predominant hormone. This can occur when endogenous androgens have been suppressed by the Anavar (oxandrolone) prolonged use of exogenous steroids. Nolvadex works by competitively binding to target estrogen sites like those at Anavar (oxandrolone) the breast.

Yet another amazing trait of trenbolone that must be noted is its ability to improve feed efficiency Anavar (oxandrolone) and mineral absorption in animals given the drug (8). To help you understand what this means for you, feed efficiency is a measurement of how much of an animals

Anavar (oxandrolone)

diet is converted into meat, and the more food it takes to produce this meat, the lower the efficiency. Conversely, the less food it Anavar (oxandrolone) takes to produce meat the, higher the efficiency& well you get the idea. Animals given trenbolone gained high Anavar (oxandrolone) quality weight without having their diet adjusted, thus improving feed efficiency. Finding new compounds which can improve Anavar (oxandrolone) feed efficiency is a billion dollar industry, and has spawned many nutritional advances in the bodybuilding world over the last Anavar (oxandrolone) few decades (CLA, Whey Protein, and HMB are compounds which spring to mind as having first been introduced by the livestock industry). What
Anavar (oxandrolone)
does this translate to for the hard training athlete? The food you eat will be better utilized for building lean Anavar (oxandrolone) muscle, and vitamins and minerals are also better absorbed which may keep you healthier during Anavar (oxandrolone) cycle.

problems passing urine

 - If you have very high blood Anavar (oxandrolone) fats (cholesterol or triglycerides).

Warning! If your erection lasts longer than 4 hours (priapism), consult a doctor immediately. Treatment Anavar (oxandrolone) of this condition should not be delayed more than 6 hours, as this can cause damage to the erectile tissue in the penis and irreversible erectile dysfunction. Regular check-ups with

Anavar (oxandrolone)
your doctor are recommended to detect any signs of fibrous tissue formation in the penis. Do not use this Anavar (oxandrolone) medicine more than once a day and no more than three times a week. Re-constituted solutions Anavar (oxandrolone) of alprostadil are for single use only. Any remaining solution should be discarded carefully, as instructed by your doctor, and Anavar (oxandrolone) not be kept for a second injection. This medicine will not prevent pregnancy and a reliable Anavar (oxandrolone) form of contraception should be used by couples who do not wish to conceive. Follow Anavar (oxandrolone) the printed instructions you have been given with this medicine. This medicine will not protect you or your partner from sexually

Anavar (oxandrolone)

transmitted diseases. Using a condom can provide this protection. This is particularly important since the injection can Anavar (oxandrolone) cause bleeding, which increases the risk of disease transmission. Use with caution if you have a history of Blood clotting disorders. Anavar (oxandrolone) Coronary artery disease. Heart failure. Drug dependence or abuse. Psychiatric illness. Small temporary strokes (transient ischaemic attacks). Anavar (oxandrolone) Lung disease. Not to be used in Children. Conditions in which sexual activity is not advisable, for example severe heart Anavar (oxandrolone) disorders. Conditions such as sickle cell disease, bone cancer or leukaemia in which there is an increased risk of

Anavar (oxandrolone)

prolonged erections (priapism). Men who have an implant in their penis. Physical abnormality of the penis, such as severe Anavar (oxandrolone) curvature, scarring or Peyronie's disease. Women. This medicine should not be used if you are allergic to one or any of its ingredients. Anavar (oxandrolone) Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have previously experienced such an allergy. If you feel you have experienced an allergic Anavar (oxandrolone) reaction, stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Side Anavar (oxandrolone) effects Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways. The following are some of the side effects that are
Anavar (oxandrolone)
known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine Anavar (oxandrolone) will experience that or any side effect. Pain in the penis. Blood clots which form a solid swelling at the Anavar (oxandrolone) injection site (haematoma). Formation of fibrous tissue within the penis. Persistent painful erection of the penis (priapism). Redness, Anavar (oxandrolone) swelling or itching at the injection site. Tightening of the foreskin. Pain in the testicles. Inflammation of the Anavar (oxandrolone) end of the penis (balanitis). Yeast infection. Urethral bleeding. Urgent need to pass urine. Abnormal ejaculation. Low blood pressure (hypotension).
Anavar (oxandrolone)
Abnormal heart beats (arrhythmias). The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug's manufacturer. For more Anavar (oxandrolone) information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine Anavar (oxandrolone) or consult your doctor or pharmacist. How can this medicine affect other medicines? Anavar (oxandrolone) This medicine should not be used with any other treatment for erectile dysfunction. People taking medicines to prevent Anavar (oxandrolone) the blood clotting (anticoagulants), such as warfarin and heparin, may have an increased risk of bleeding after the injection.


Anavar (oxandrolone)
every cycle should contain testosterone. Go back and read that sentence again. A beginners´ Anavar (oxandrolone) dose of testosterone (i.e. someone on their first or second cycle of AAS) would be in the 250-500mgs range. Though, realistically, Anavar (oxandrolone) I wouldn´t recommend much less than 400mgs of test per cycle for anybody, beginner or not. And guess what? The Anavar (oxandrolone) more you use the more results you get. And frequently, the more side effects too (3).

The most common is muscle cramps which a potassium supplement, Anavar (oxandrolone) helping to maintain the electrolyte status, would drastically reduce.

In many men with erectile dysfunction,

Anavar (oxandrolone)

VIAGRA helps the body's natural erection process. When a man is sexually excited, the penis will fill with enough blood to cause Anavar (oxandrolone) an erection. After sex is over, the erection goes away.

HCG:Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a drug used Anavar (oxandrolone) to jump start the body's production of testosterone after the end of a steroid cycle. Anavar (oxandrolone) It act in the body by imitating the action of LH (a hormone that regulated testosterone production).

Discontinue Anavar (oxandrolone) use of Xenical beyond 6 months only if weight loss is greater than 10% from the start of treatment.


Athletes like oxandrolone

Anavar (oxandrolone)
for three reasons. First, oxandrolone causes a strong strength gain by stimulating the phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscle cell Anavar (oxandrolone) without depositing water in the joints and the muscles.

Glaucoma, open Anavar (oxandrolone) angle — Benzodiazepines can be used but your doctor should be monitoring your condition carefully. Anavar (oxandrolone)

Because Phentermine may cause drowsiness, it is recommended that you take your dose early in the day. The best time is 30-60 minutes Anavar (oxandrolone) before breakfast, while your stomach is empty. Take the tablet in one piece, or, at most, it may be broken in two. Do not chew the tablet or crush it into a powder.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Better results can usually be obtained with Clenbuterol without influencing the hormone Anavar (oxandrolone) system. Those who believe that in the "steroid free time" they must still take some "stuff" to bridge the usages should inject Anavar (oxandrolone) the long acting Testosterone enanthate (e.g. Testoviron Depot 250mg/ml) every two to three weeks.

Masterone cycle and side Anavar (oxandrolone) effects

Primobolan depot works great when added to a cycle (stacked) with other steroids, it tends to Anavar (oxandrolone) lessen water retention and harshness when stacked with more heavy duty testosterone injectables, like Omnadren / Sustanon, Cypoinate / Propionate, ect. It is

Anavar (oxandrolone)
an analog immune-stimulating steroid used by people with Aids and others with depressed immune systems Anavar (oxandrolone) to build up the immune system and add lean muscle mass. Primobolan is one of the finest steroids Anavar (oxandrolone) in the world today.

Flumazenil and benzodiazepines are pharmacological opposites. Flumazenil is specifically used Anavar (oxandrolone) to reverse the actions of benzodiazepines. Clinicians should note that the duration Anavar (oxandrolone) of action for some benzodiazepines may be much longer than that of flumazenil and repeat doses of flumazenil may be necessary.

The main difference between propionate, cypionate, and enanthate is the respective

Anavar (oxandrolone)

duration of effect. In contrast to the long-acting enanthate and cypionate depot steroids, propionate has a distinctly lower duration of effect. Anavar (oxandrolone) Testosterone proprionate has a duration of effect of 1 to 2 days. A noticable difference is that the athlete get a lot less Anavar (oxandrolone) water retention with propionate. Since propionate is quickly effective, often after only Anavar (oxandrolone) one or two days, the athlete experiences an increase of his training energy, a better pump, an increased appetite, and Anavar (oxandrolone) a slight strength gain. As an initial dose most athletes prefer a 50-100 mg injection. This offers two options: First, because of the rapid initial effect of
Anavar (oxandrolone)
the propionate ester one can initiate a several week long steroid treatment with Testosterone Anavar (oxandrolone) Enanthate. Those who cannot wait until the depot steroids become effective inject 250 mg of Testosterone Anavar (oxandrolone) Enanthate and 50 mg of Testosterone propionate at the beginning of the treatment. After two days, when the effect of the propionates decreases, Anavar (oxandrolone) another 50 mg is injected. Two days after that, the elevated testosterone level caused by the propionate begins to decrease. By that time, Anavar (oxandrolone) the effect of the enanthates in the body would be present; no further propionate injections would be necessary. Thus the athlete rapidly reaches and maintains
Anavar (oxandrolone)
a high testosterone level for a long time due to the depot testo. This, for example, is important for athletes Anavar (oxandrolone) who with Anadrol 50 over the six week treatment have gained several pounds and would now like to switch to testosterone. Since Anadrol 50 begins its Anavar (oxandrolone) "breakdown" shortly after use of the compound is discontinued, a fast and Anavar (oxandrolone) elevated testosterone level is desirable.

Testosterone Heptylate Theramex leads to Anavar (oxandrolone) a strong protein synthesis in the muscle cell and promotes recovery to a high degree. Athletes report an enormous pump effect during the workout and a noticeable appetite increase after only

Anavar (oxandrolone)

days of intake. The gains usually consist of solid muscle since the water retention that occurs during intake is usually lower than with enantathe Anavar (oxandrolone) and cypionate. Competing bodybuilders and athletes normally become puffy be-cause of the testosterone Anavar (oxandrolone) injections should give Testosterone Heptylate Theramex a try.

The side effects of Proviron in men are low at Anavar (oxandrolone) a dosage of 2-3 tablets/day so that Proviron, taken for example in combination with a steroid Anavar (oxandrolone) cycle, can be used comparatively without risk over several weeks. Since Proviron is well-tolerated by the liver liver dysfunctions do not occur in the given dosages.

Anavar (oxandrolone)

For athletes who are used to acting under the motto "more is better" the intake of Proviron could have a paradoxical effect. The most common Anavar (oxandrolone) side effect of Proviron-or in this case, secondary symptom- is in part a distinct sexual overstimulation and in some cases continuous Anavar (oxandrolone) penis erection. Since this condition can be painful and lead to possible damages, a Anavar (oxandrolone) lower dosage or discontinuing the compound are the only sensible solutions. Female athletes should use Proviron with caution since possible androgenic Anavar (oxandrolone) side effects cannot be excluded. Women who want to give Proviron a try should not take more than one 25 mg tablet

Anavar (oxandrolone)

per day. Higher dosages and periods of intake of more than four weeks considerably increase the risk of Anavar (oxandrolone) virilization symptoms. Female athletes who have no difficulties with Proviron obtain good results Anavar (oxandrolone) with 25 mg Proviron/day and 20 mg Nolvadex/day and, in combination with a diet, report an accelerated Anavar (oxandrolone) fat breakdown and continuously harder muscles.

Women: 50-100 mg/week.

Of course testosterone Enanthate can be stacked with Anavar (oxandrolone) any number of compounds apart from these, but these make the best match. When stacking with testosterone, one needs to look at what the other compound can bring. Either it has a characteristic

Anavar (oxandrolone)

that testosterone doesn't have, or its nominally safer. The testosterone will bring all the mass, Anavar (oxandrolone) so adding another steroid to enhance mass alone, is futile. More testosterone is the best remedy for that. Anavar (oxandrolone)

The HGH supplements available do not use prescription HGH, but rather fall into two general categories, Anavar (oxandrolone) homeopathic HGH and HGH releasers.

Generic Name: Nandrolone Decanoate

Rather than Anavar (oxandrolone) waiting to the end of a workout, many athletes prefer to inject their insulin dosage 30 minutes before their training session is over and then consume a carbohydrate drink immediately following the

Anavar (oxandrolone)
workout. This will make the insulin more efficient at bringing glycogen to the muscles, but it will also increase Anavar (oxandrolone) the danger of hypoglycemia. Some athletes will even inject a few IUs before lifting Anavar (oxandrolone) to improve their pump. This practice is extremely risky and best left to athletes with experience Anavar (oxandrolone) using insulin. Finally, some athletes like to inject insulin upon waking in the morning. After the injection, they will consume Anavar (oxandrolone) a carbohydrate drink and then have breakfast within the next hour. Some athletes find this application of Anavar (oxandrolone) insulin very beneficial for putting on mass, while others will tend to put on excess fat using insulin

Anavar (oxandrolone)

in this way.

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

As with all testosterone injectables, one can expect a Anavar (oxandrolone) considerable gain in muscle mass and strength during a cycle. Since testosterone has a notably high affinity for estrogen Anavar (oxandrolone) conversion, the mass gained from this drug is likely to be accompanied by a discernible level of water retention. The resulting Anavar (oxandrolone) loss of definition of course makes cypionate a very poor choice for dieting or cutting phases. The excess level of estrogen Anavar (oxandrolone) brought about by this drug can also cause one to develop gynecomastia rather quickly. Should the user notice an uncomfortable soreness, swelling or

Anavar (oxandrolone)

lump under the nipple, an ancillary drug like Nolvadex® should probably be added. This Anavar (oxandrolone) will minimize the effect of estrogen greatly, making the steroid much more tolerable to use. The powerful antiaromatases Anavar (oxandrolone) Arimidex®, Femara, or Aromasin are yet a better choice. Those who have a known sensitivity to estrogen may find it more beneficial Anavar (oxandrolone) to use ancillary drugs like Nolvadex® and Proviron® from the onset of the cycle, in order to prevent estrogen related side effects before they become apparent.

Will KAMAGRA work immediately?

As a general rule, always tell your doctor if you are taking or

Anavar (oxandrolone)
have recently taken any other medicine, even those not prescribed, because occasionally they might interact. Anavar (oxandrolone) This is particularly important if you are treated with nitrates as you should not take Cialis ® if you Anavar (oxandrolone) are taking these medicines. Do not take Cialis ® with other medicines if your doctor tells you that you may not. You Anavar (oxandrolone) should not use Cialis ® together with any other treatments for erectile dysfunction. Cialis ® is not intended for use by women or by Anavar (oxandrolone) children under the age of 18.

Injectable steroid nandrolone decanoate is compound came around early in the wave of commercial steroid development,

Anavar (oxandrolone)

first being made available as a prescription medication in 1962.

The information Anavar (oxandrolone) on this site is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice. Be sure to contact your physician, pharmacist or other health Anavar (oxandrolone) care provider for more information about this medication.

Testosterona 50 5 0 mg/ml, 10 ml; Brovel Mexico Anavar (oxandrolone)


VIAGRA is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) Anavar (oxandrolone) in men. It can help many men who have erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection when they become sexually excited (stimulated). You will not get an erection just

Anavar (oxandrolone)

by taking this medicine. VIAGRA helps a man with erectile dysfunction get an erection only when he is sexually excited.

Viagra Anavar (oxandrolone) is a breakthrough treatment that improves a man's response to sexual stimulation. We provide a Impotence simple, secure and confidential way to be Anavar (oxandrolone) evaluated for Viagra®. We bring you the privacy Impotence of an online consultation and an easy, inexpensive Anavar (oxandrolone) Impotence means of obtaining Viagra®.

Andriol Testocaps are the oral form of Testosterone Undecanoate. While not considered to be as good as the injectable form of the compound, as they do more damage to your liver than

Anavar (oxandrolone)
the injectable form (as do all steroids), Andriol Testocaps do removew the need for regular Anavar (oxandrolone) (or any) injections.

    Effective dose: (Men)20-100mgs/day Anavar (oxandrolone) (or .125mg/kg~bdywt); (Women)

Bonavar and Fat Loss

Follow the Anavar (oxandrolone) directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor. STORE THIS MEDICINE at room Anavar (oxandrolone) temperature, away from heat and light. IF YOU MISS A DOSE OF THIS MEDICINE, use it as soon as possible. If it is almost Anavar (oxandrolone) time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do NOT use 2 doses at once.


Anavar (oxandrolone)
To Steroids:

A particularly interesting property of testosterone is its Anavar (oxandrolone) low toxicity, exclusive of the above-mentioned side effects. Doses of two grams Anavar (oxandrolone) or four grams per week are hardly unknown in bodybuilding, and are not particularly hard on the liver. Anavar (oxandrolone) No one seems to want to take doses of any other single steroid at comparably-effective doses, and it seems that if one tried, they might be more toxic. Anavar (oxandrolone) E.g., the hepatotoxicity of Winstrol Depot resulting from its 17a -methyl group is not severe at doses of say 350 mg/week, but might well be problematic at a dose of two grams per week – though that is speculation,

Anavar (oxandrolone)
since no one I have heard of uses such doses of Winstrol. Thus, at the higher dosage regimes Anavar (oxandrolone) testosterone appears to have an advantage in terms of toxicity vs. effectiveness over many of the synthetics. These doses, however, are in the pro Anavar (oxandrolone) bodybuilder range. In the dosage range more appropriate for most individuals, the reverse is often the case.

The greatest advantage of Anavar (oxandrolone) Restandol (Andriol) lies in its good compatibility. It can, for example, be used with Anavar (oxandrolone) Deca Durabolin in long-term therapy and, in this combination and for health-conscientious athletes, it is an alternative to the famous Dianabol (D-bol)/Deca

Anavar (oxandrolone)

Durabolin stack.



Anavar (oxandrolone) is not very toxic, not very androgenic, mildly anabolic, and pretty mild on the body´s HPTA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis). Those are its 4 major points, and I´d like to examine each one a bit further; as usual, gym-rumors and internet conjecture has made this steroid the subject of many misconceptions.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Side Effects

First of all, and this will come as no surprise to many people, Anavar (oxandrolone) is quite mild on your liver. It´s probably the mildest oral steroid available today. Dosages of up to 80mgs/day are easily tolerated by most men, and most side effects often found with other steroids are not common with ´var (1). For this reason, Anavar is frequently the steroid of choice for many top level female bodybuilders and other athletes.

Anavar Dosage

Due to its being a mild steroid in every sense of the word, high amounts of Anavar dosage are needed. It binds reasonably well to the AR, but pretty high doses are still needed and I would never suggest doing less than 20mgs/day. In fact, 20-80mgs are needed to start halting AIDS related wasting(1) and recovering weight for burn victims (2) so that´s the range I´d recommend keeping your dosages in concerning this compound. Personally, I´d use 100mgs/day if I were ever going to try this stuff. Any less than this amount (20-100mgs) would be a waste. For women, however, I think 2.5-10mgs/day would suffice. Virilation is not a concern with this compound, as it is only very mildly androgenic (3). Water retention is also virtually nil with it.

Although Anavar is an oral steroid, and has been alpha-alkylated to survive oral ingestion and the first pass through the liver, it´s still relatively mild in that respect too..., the unique chemical configuration of oxandrolone both confers a resistance to liver metabolism as well as noticable anabolic activity. It would also appear that Anavar appears not to exhibit the serious hepatotoxic effects (jaundice, cholestatic hepatitis, peliosis hepatis, hyperplasias and neoplasms) typically attributed to the C17alpha-alkylated AASs. (17) Anavar has even been used successfully in some studies to heal cutaneous wounds (7), or to improve respiratory function (18). Both of these novel properties could make it a good choice for in-season use for boxers, Mixed Martial Arts competitors, and other such athletes.

Anavar and Fat Loss

Now here´s some interesting stuff for anyone interested primarily in the fat loss properties of this stuff: Anavar may be what we´d call a "fat-burning steroid". Abdominal and visceral fat were both reduced in one study when subjects in the low/normal natural testosterone range used anavar (4). In another study, appendicular, total, and trunk fat were all reduced with a relatively small dose of 20mgs/day (8), and no exercise. In addition, weight gained with ´var may be nearly permanent too. It might not be much, but you´ll stand a good chance of keeping most of it. In one study, subjects maintained their weight (re)gains from anavar for at least 6 months after cessation (2)! Concomitantly, in another study, Twelve weeks after discontinuing oxandrolone, 83% of the reductions in total, trunk, and extremity fat were also sustained (8)! If you´re regaining weight, Anavar will give you nearly permanent gains, and if you are trying to lose fat (and you keep your diet in check), the fat lost with Anavar is basically looks to be nearly permanent. Check this chart out:

Absolute change in total fat mass (A) and trunk fat (B) by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry from baseline to study week 12 (solid bars) and from baseline to study week 24 (open bars) in the placebo (n = 12) and the oxandrolone (n = 20) study groups. Values are means SE. *Significant decrease from baseline, P < 0.001. Significant difference between study groups for change in fat mass from 0 to 12 wk, P < 0.001. (15)(8)

Anavar Cycles

Keep in mind this is all without any Post-Cycle-Therapy, and without any change in diet or training! And although many of the studies done on oxandrolone use elderly men or young boys as the test subjects, some evidence suggests that many of the effects of oxandrolone are not age dependant (11). If you are following the typical "time on = time off" protocol, this means you can lose a bunch of fat during your time on, then keep most (if not all) of it off until your next cycle. That makes it a great drug for athletes who are drug tested and need to be clean for their season, yet need to keep the fat/weight they lost on their cycle off& I´m thinking about wrestlers and other weight-class athletes. Anavar is also the clear choice for a "spring-cutting" cycle, to look great at the beach and you can use it up until the summer starts, and then keep the fat off during the entire beach season!

Anavar is great for strength and cutting purposes, but not for bulking or a lot of weight gain. In other words, what I´m saying is that everything you gain will be solid. Personally I am leaning towards a theory which basically purports that the more solid your gains are, the more you´ll keep (percentage-wise). It makes sense, when you think about it; people make a lot of weight gains on the highly water-retentive steroids (Dbol, A50, long estered testosteones, etc. ), but lose the greatest percentage of their gains afterwards. The same seems to be opposite for the steroids which cause less (or no) water retention (Anavar, Primo, Winstrol, etc& ).

So why else may you keep such a high proportion of what you gained on ´var? Well, I think it may be due to it´s relatively light impact on the HPTA, which brings me to my final point; Anavar will not totally shut down your HPTA, especially at lower doses (unlike testosterone, which will eventually do this even at a 100mg dose, or deca which will do it with a single 100mg dose). This could be due, at least partly, to the fact that Anavar doesn´t aromatize (convert to estrogen).

Serum testosterone, SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), and LH (Leutinizing Hormone) will be slightly suppressed with low doses of Anavar, but less than with other compounds. FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) , IGF1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1) and GH (Growth Hormone) will not be suppressed with a low dose of Anavar, but will actually be raised significantly (12)(13)(14) as you may have guessed, and LH will even experience a "rebound" effect when you stop using anavar (3) If your endocrine system and HPTA are funtioning normally, you should be able to use anavar with minimal insult to it, and can even keep most of your values within the normal range (5).

Thus, Anavar may even be ideal for use in bridges between cycles, (at very low doses under 10mgs perhaps), or as previously mentioned, for cutting/strength cycles at 50-100mgs.

How to Buy Anavar

It´s relatively high cost is its only major drawback when you buy Anavar. Tablets can typically sell in Mexico or on the black market for up to a dollar (1USD) per 10mgs. Many black market dealers or Underground Labs, however offer capsules, liquid form (or in some cases, even their own brand of tabs) for substantially less money than the legit pharmaceutical versions, or even veterinary versions found overseas.

Anavar Profile

    Molecular Weight: 306.4442
    Formula: C19H30O3
    Melting Point: 235  238 Celcius
    Manufacturer: BTG, SPA, Originally Searle (1964)
    Effective dose: (Men)20-100mgs/day (or .125mg/kg~bdywt); (Women)
    Active Life: 8-12 hours
    Detection Time: 3 weeks
    Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 322-630:24

Anavar (oxandrolone)
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