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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate

Since the half-life time of dianabol

Testosterone Cypionate

is only 3.2 - 4.5 hours application at least twice a day is necessary to achieve an even concentration of the substance in the blood. In order Testosterone Cypionate to avoid possible gastrointestinal pain, it is recommended to take the tablets during meals.

Testosterone Cypionate

Alternative To Steroids:

"In a study to be published today in the journal Science. scientists at Duke University Medical Center said Testosterone Cypionate they have found that the reaction of breast cells to tanoxifen changes over time until the drug starts to behave like the hormone it is supposed to block."

Stanozolol, possible side effects

Testosterone Cypionate


Cytomel is not a steroid, but more a of a cutting aid. It's a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone Testosterone Cypionate tri-iodio-thyronine or T3, made up of a metabolite of the amino acid tyrosine and 3 iodine ions. In the body Testosterone Cypionate it in turn is made from another hormone, T4, which is secreted by the thyroid under influence of the pituitary hormone TSH (Thyroid Testosterone Cypionate stimulating hormone). If a shortage of either TSH or T4 is noted, usually doctors Testosterone Cypionate may opt for a replacement therapy. These days the most common prescription is synthetic T4 (synthroid), but in more severe cases of permanent thyroid dysfunction,

Testosterone Cypionate

the choice is given to Cytomel. Simply because T4 is mostly active through its conversion to T3 and T3 is 4-5 times stronger than T4 on a mcg for Testosterone Cypionate mcg basis.

Good for:

At 20 years old we produce an average 500 micrograms/day Testosterone Cypionate of HGH.

Common uses and directions for Viagra

Anadrol (Oxydrol) Testosterone Cypionate is the U.S. brand name for oxymetholone, a very potent oral androgen. This compound was first Testosterone Cypionate made available in 1960, by the international drug firm Syntex. Since oxymetholone is quite reliable in its ability to increase red blood cell production (and effect

Testosterone Cypionate
characteristic of most anabolic/androgenic steroids), it showed great promise in treating cases of severe anemia. It turned out to Testosterone Cypionate be well suited for this purpose, and was popular for quite some time. But recent years have brought fourth a number of new treatments, Testosterone Cypionate most notably the non-steroidal hormone Epogen (erythropoietin). This drug is shown to have a Testosterone Cypionate much more direct effect on the red blood cell count, without the side effects of a strong Testosterone Cypionate androgen. Syntex stopped in the U.S. in 1993, which was around the same time they decided to drop this item in a number of foreign countries as well.

Testosterone Cypionate

Plenastril from Switzerland and Austria was dropped; following soon was Oxitosona from Spain. Many Athletes feared Anadrol 50 might be on the way Testosterone Cypionate out for good. But new HIV/AIDS studies have shown a new light on oxymetholone. These studies are finding (big surprise) exceptional anti-wasting Testosterone Cypionate properties to the compound and believe it can be used safely in many such cases. Interest has been peaked, Testosterone Cypionate and as of 1998 Anadrol 50 is again being sold in the United States. This time we see Testosterone Cypionate the same Anadrol 50 brand name, but the manufacturer is the drug firm Unimed. Syntex continues to market & license this
Testosterone Cypionate
drug in a number of countries however (under a few different brand names).

Parabolan: Testosterone Cypionate Description

Most athletes inject Parabolan at least twice a week; some bodybuilders inject 1-2 ampules Testosterone Cypionate per day during the last three to four weeks be-fore a competition. Normally a dosage of 228 mg/week is used, corresponding Testosterone Cypionate to a weekly amount of three ampules. It is our experience that good results can be achieved Testosterone Cypionate by injecting a 76 mg ampule every 2-3 days. Parabolan combined with Winstrol Depot works especially well and gives the athlete a distinct gain in solid and high quality muscles

Testosterone Cypionate
together with an enormous strength gain. A very effective stack is 76 mg Parabolan every 2 days combined Testosterone Cypionate with 50 mg Winstrol every 2 days. Athletes who are interested in a fast mass gain often also use 30 mg Dianabol/day while those who are more interested Testosterone Cypionate in quality and strength like to add 25 mg+ Oxandrolone/ day. Probably the most effective Testosterone Cypionate Parabolan combination consists of 228 mg Parabolan/week, 200 mg Winstrol Depot/week, and 40-50 mg Oral-Turinabol/day and usually results in a drastic gain in high quality muscle mass together with a gigantic strength gain. Parabolan also seems to bring
Testosterone Cypionate
extraordinarily good results when used in combination with growth hormones.

Cell replacement

Viagra (Sildenafil Testosterone Cypionate Citrate) additional information:

The side effects associated with Equipoise® Testosterone Cypionate are generally mild. The structure of boldenone does allow it to convert into estrogen, but it does not Testosterone Cypionate have an extremely high affinity to do so. To try and quantify this we can look toward Testosterone Cypionate aromatization studies, which suggest that its rate of estrogen conversion should be roughly half that of testosterone's. The tendency to develop a noticeable amount of water retention

Testosterone Cypionate

with this drug would therefore be slightly higher than that with Deca-DurabolinO Testosterone Cypionate (with an estimated 20A°/a conversion), but much less than what would be expected Testosterone Cypionate with a stronger agent such as Testosterone. While one does still have a chance of encountering an estrogen related side effect as such when using Testosterone Cypionate this substance, it is not a common problem when taken at a moderate dosage level. Gynecomastia might theoretically become a concern, but is Testosterone Cypionate usually only heaved of with very sensitive individuals or (again) those venturing high in dosage. Should estrogenic effects become troublesome, the addition
Testosterone Cypionate
of Nolvadex® and/or Proviron® should of course make the cycle more tolerable. An Testosterone Cypionate antiaromatase such as Cytadren® or Arimidex® would be stronger options, however probably Testosterone Cypionate not indicated with a mild drug as such.

Since it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, Testosterone Cypionate dromastolone does not aromatize in any dosage and thus it cannot be converted into estrogen. Therefore, estrogen-related Testosterone Cypionate water retention is eliminated.

Tamoxifen is a trade name for the drug tamoxifen citrate. Tamoxifen is a non-steroidal agent that demonstrates potent antiestrogenic properties.

Testosterone Cypionate

Tamoxifen is technically an estrogen agonist/antagonist, which competitively binds to estrogen receptors in various Testosterone Cypionate target tissues. With the tamoxifen molecule bound to this receptor, estrogen is blocked Testosterone Cypionate from exerting any action, and an antiestrogenic effect of Tamoxifen is achieved.

Advice for men

Normally Testosterone Cypionate nerves or blood vessels in men with male erectile dysfunction do not work properly, which prevents them Testosterone Cypionate from achieving an erection. Viagra works to restore the blood flow to the penis making it easier to achieve and sustain longer erections.

Other Info: Highly

Testosterone Cypionate

anabolic/moderate androgenic effects

Arimidex is also very popular among atheletes using anabolic steroids. Arimidex is an anti-estrogens Testosterone Cypionate to use during a steroid cycle. Commonly athletes use 0,25mg to 1mg per day or 0,5mg to 1mg every other day.

Bodybuilders Testosterone Cypionate love this product for many reasons. This product is an excellent fat burner since your metabolism Testosterone Cypionate is greatly increased while being on it. You can afford to be a little sloppier on precontest dieting since it will still burn fat when you are taking in a lot of calories since your metabolism is going haywire. Step

Testosterone Cypionate

over Ripped Fuel, E/C/A stack, Thermodrine.

For bodybuilding, Deca-Durabolin can effectively be incorporated in both mass and Testosterone Cypionate cutting cycles it stacks good with sustanon, dianabol, anadrol... One major drawback to Deca is that it can Testosterone Cypionate be detected in a drug screen for as long as a year after use. Unfortunately for many competitive athletes, this makes Deca and other nandrolone products Testosterone Cypionate off limits. Deca is also a comparatively expensive anabolic. Black market, 200mg of Deca will cost upwards of $20 in most instances. Deca produces very few side effects.

Side effects that may

Testosterone Cypionate
occur while taking this medicine include a change in sexual function or breast enlargement. Testosterone Cypionate If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience Testosterone Cypionate the following side effects or symptoms of toxicity: skin rash or swelling of lips.

Body Temperature and Comfort Testosterone Cypionate - A general guideline is that the more carbohydrates eaten, the hotter the user will get while on DNP. Similarly, Testosterone Cypionate overfeeding also produces extreme heat; any excess calories are thrown off as heat quite readily. For this reason, along with certain hormonal factors,
Testosterone Cypionate
Duchaine espouses an Isometric diet while on DNP, and I have followed this personally with good results.
Testosterone Cypionate

A first time user should not exceed 40 mcg the first day. Increase by one tablet Testosterone Cypionate until the side effects are not tolerable.

Keep dianabol in a tightly closed Testosterone Cypionate container and out of reach of children. Store dianabol at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture Testosterone Cypionate (not in the bathroom).

In 1998, ICOS Corporation, and Eli Lilly and Company, commercialized Testosterone Cypionate the drug for erectile dysfunction, and two years later they filed a new drug application

Testosterone Cypionate
with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for IC351; the only difference was that this time they Testosterone Cypionate decided to call the drug Cialis. In May of 2002, Icos and Eli Lilly and Company reported to the American Urological Association that Testosterone Cypionate the phase 3 tests show that Cialis works for up to 36 hours, and one year later Icos and Eli Lilly and Company received Testosterone Cypionate the U.S. FDA's approval for Cialis. One advantage that Cialis has over Viagra is that Testosterone Cypionate tadalafil has a half-life of 17.5 hours (and thus Cialis is advertised to work for up to 36 hours, even if by that time there is still about one quarter of

Testosterone Cypionate

the absorbed dose in the body) as compared to 4 hours half-life for sildenafil (Viagra).

Also, this drug Testosterone Cypionate is a poor choice for athletes who rely on cardiovascular fitness to play a sport. Testosterone Cypionate Tren, anecdotally at least, reduces many athletes ability to sustain high levels of Testosterone Cypionate endurance. Unfortunately, this makes Tren a poor choice for many.

For many, the increased aggression found Testosterone Cypionate from increased testosterone levels is often a bonus in the weight room as well as on the playing field. Let´s not get started on its benefits in the bedroom!

In many men with erectile

Testosterone Cypionate
dysfunction, VIAGRA helps the body's natural erection process. When a man is sexually Testosterone Cypionate excited, the penis will fill with enough blood to cause an erection. After sex is over, the erection goes away.

Testosterone is the Testosterone Cypionate prime male androgen in the body, and as such still the best possible mass builder in the world. It has a high risk of side-effects Testosterone Cypionate because it readily converts to a more androgenic form (DHT) in androgen responsive tissues and forms estrogen quite easily. But Testosterone Cypionate these characteristics also provide it with its extreme anabolic tendencies. On the one hand estrogen increases growth

Testosterone Cypionate
hormone output, glucose utilization, improves immunity and upgrades the androgen receptor, Testosterone Cypionate while on the other hand a testosterone/DHT combination is extremely potent at activating the androgen Testosterone Cypionate receptor and eliciting major strength and size gains. While not always the most visually appealing Testosterone Cypionate result, there is no steroid on earth that packs on mass like testosterone does.

Arimidex is not a steroid. It is a tablet Testosterone Cypionate form anti-aromitase that is used by many body builders to help prevent bloating (edema) and Gynecomastia (bitch tit) associated with the use of testosterone and androgens.

Testosterone Cypionate
It can be used in place of Nolvadex, Clomid, etc. Bodybuilders are using around 0,25mg to 1mg per day or 0,5mg to 1mg every other day and Testosterone Cypionate are having good success with it. The FDA approved uses are for the treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women Testosterone Cypionate with disease progression following tamoxifen therapy. Hypersensitivity to anastrozole are reasons not to use this drug. If Testosterone Cypionate you have these problems please inform your doctor. Common side effects are: shortness of breath, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, hat flashes, weakness, cough, dry mouth, skin rash, sweating, abdominal pain and bone

Testosterone Cypionate

pain. Some less common symptoms are vaginal bleeding, weight gain, tiredness, chills, fever, breast pain, and itching. In case of an overdose, it Testosterone Cypionate is recommended to contact your poison control center.

A number of athletes claim that GH is not Testosterone Cypionate that effective on its own, but in a stack with steroids it can do remarkable things. Perhaps there is some type of actual synergism created Testosterone Cypionate by the concomitant use of these two agents. Empirical data suggests that the efficacy of GH is dose related and that the majority of users may not have been taking enough of it to get positive results. Despite

Testosterone Cypionate
speculation concerning its efficacy, synthetic GH is being used by thousands of elite athletes. These include men and women Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilders, strength athletes, as well as a multitude of Olympic competitors. Although Growth Hormone is banned by athletic committees, there Testosterone Cypionate is no method for the detection of it which allows drug tested competitors to use this product Testosterone Cypionate freely without any ramifications. Adverse reactions to GH use are rare but technically could involve acromegaly (elongation Testosterone Cypionate of the feet, forehead and hands). Other possible side effects involve overgrowth of the elbows or jaw, thickening of the
Testosterone Cypionate
skin and a type of diabetes. There are numerous counterfeit versions of this product Testosterone Cypionate which are merely cashing in on the drug's mystique and high price tag. The legitimate versions must be refrigerated at all times, before and after they Testosterone Cypionate are reconstituted. Effective dosages seem to be in the area of 2 I.U., 2-4 times a week. Cycle length is usually determined by Testosterone Cypionate how long the athlete can afford it. Some take the product for 6 week cycles, others use it year round.

It is also important that endogenous testosterone production is likely to be suppressed after a cycle of this drug. When this

Testosterone Cypionate
occurs, one runs the risk of losing muscle mass once the steroid is discontinued. HCG and/or Clomid are Testosterone Cypionate in most cases considered to be a necessity, used effectively to restore natural testosterone Testosterone Cypionate production and avoid a post-cycle "crash". The user should always expect to see some loss of body weight when the steroids Testosterone Cypionate is discontinued, as retained water (accounting for considerable weight) will be excreted once hormone levels regulate. This weight Testosterone Cypionate loss is to be ignored, and the athlete should be concerned only with preserving the quality muscle that lies underneath. With the proper administration

Testosterone Cypionate

of ancillary drugs, much of the new muscle mass can be retained for a long time after the steroid cycle has been stopped. Those who rely solely on Testosterone Cypionate a fancy tapering-off schedule to accomplish this are likely to be disappointed. Although a common practice, this is really not an effective Testosterone Cypionate way to restore the hormonal balance.

Novaquimaca: Deposteron (Brazil) - 100 mg/ml

A starting dose of 25 mg. should be considered Testosterone Cypionate individuals of the age 65+ and in individuals with hepatic impairment or severe renal impairment.

As far as adding products, no ancillaries are needed,

Testosterone Cypionate
but its highly recommended that this is only used when anabolic/androgenic steroids are also being used. First of all the extra free calories Testosterone Cypionate work with the steroids to enhance results, but also because an increased level of thyroid hormones can be extremely catabolic Testosterone Cypionate and the use of anabolic compounds to counter muscle loss is a requirement here.

Glaucoma, Testosterone Cypionate open angle — Benzodiazepines can be used but your doctor should be monitoring your condition Testosterone Cypionate carefully.

For adding mass Testosterone enanthate combines very well with Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, and Parabolan.

Testosterone Cypionate

As an example, a stack of 100 mg Andriol 50/day, 200 mg Deca-Durabolin/week, and 500 mg Testosterone enanthate/week works well. Testosterone Cypionate After six weeks of intake the Anadrol 50. For example, could be replaced by 40 mg Dianabol/day. Principally, Testosterone Testosterone Cypionate enanthate can be combined with any steroid in order lo gain mass. Apparently a synergetic effect between Testosterone Cypionate the androgen, Testosterone enanthate. And the anabolic steroids occurs which results in their bonding with several receptors. Those who draw too much water with Testosterone enanthate and Dianabol or Anadrol, Or who are more interested

Testosterone Cypionate

in strength without gaining 20 pounds of body weight should take Testosterone enanthate together with Oxandrolone or Winstrol. Testosterone Cypionate The generally taken dose-as already mentioned-varies from 250 mg/ week up to 2000 mg/day. Testosterone Cypionate In our opinion the most sensible dosage for most athletes is between 250-1000 mg/week. Normally Testosterone Cypionate a higher dosage should not be necessary. When taking up to 500 mg/week the dosage is normally taken Testosterone Cypionate all at once, thus 2 ml of solution are injected. A higher dosage should be divided into two injections per week. The quantity of the dose should be determined by the athlete's developmental

Testosterone Cypionate

stage, his goals, and the quantity of his previous steroid intake. The so called beach and disco bodybuilders Testosterone Cypionate do not need 1000 mg of Testosterone enanthate/week. Our experience is that the Testosterone enanthate dosage for many, above all, Testosterone Cypionate depends on their financial resources. Since it is not, by any means, the most economic testosterone, most athletes do not take too much. Others Testosterone Cypionate switch to the cheaper Omnadren and because of the low price continue "shooting" Omnadren.

Melting Point (ester): 98 - 104 C

Chemical Structure: tri-iodio-thyronine (T3)

IGF-1 plays

Testosterone Cypionate
a crucial role in muscle regeneration. IGF-1 stimulates both proliferation and differentiation Testosterone Cypionate of stem cells in an autocrine-paracrine manner, although it induces differentiation to a much greater degree. IGF-1, when injected locally, increases Testosterone Cypionate satellite cell activity, muscle DNA, muscle protein content, muscle weight and muscle cross sectional Testosterone Cypionate area. The importance of IGF-1 lies in the fact that all of its apparent functions act to induce muscle growth with or without overload although it Testosterone Cypionate really shines as a growth promoter when combined with physical loading of the muscle.


Testosterone Cypionate
also may be used to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women who have a high risk of developing breast Testosterone Cypionate cancer.

you have sickle cell anemia (an abnormality of red blood cells), multiple myeloma (cancer Testosterone Cypionate of the bone marrow), leukemia (cancer of the blood cells) or any deformation of your penis.

Testosterone Cypionate

When discontinuing Anadrol 50, the crash can be equally powerful. To begin with, the level of water retention will quickly diminish, dropping Testosterone Cypionate the user's body weight dramatically. This should be expected, and not of much concern. What is of great concern is restoring endogenous

Testosterone Cypionate
testosterone production. Anadrol 50 will quickly and effectively lower natural levels during a cycle, so HCG and Clomid/Nolvadex are a must when Testosterone Cypionate discontinuing a cycle.

Winstrol / Stanozolol

Treatments for erectile Testosterone Cypionate dysfunction, including Viagra, should not be generally used in men for whom sexual activity is inadvisable because Testosterone Cypionate of their underlying cardiovascular status.

Clomid is in fact useful throughout a cycle if aromatizable drugs are being used. I do think however that to be conservative, one should use it no more than 2/3 of the time throughout the

Testosterone Cypionate

year or a little less.

Apnea, hypotension, and cardiac arrest have been reported following Testosterone Cypionate parenteral administration of benzodiazepines to the elderly, severely ill patients, or patients with compromised respiratory function. Testosterone Cypionate Respiratory depression also has occurred in these patients during benzodiazepine therapy, occasionally resulting Testosterone Cypionate in death.

Clomid is indicated for the treatment of ovulatory dysfunction in women desiring Testosterone Cypionate pregnancy.

Decabol is an injectable preparation containing the active ingredient Nandrolone Decanoate. Decabol is used in the treatment

Testosterone Cypionate
of Osteoporosis (ie - bone degeneration) due to its positive influence on calcium metabolism Testosterone Cypionate and the increase in bone mass. It also has a positive effect on protein metabolism and is Testosterone Cypionate used where a protein deficiency exists, eg. during chronic debilitating diseases, after major surgery & Testosterone Cypionate severe trauma.

    Active Life: 8-12 hours

Nolvadex tablets. Each Nolvadex tablet contains 20 Testosterone Cypionate mg tamoxifen. Nolvadex comes in packs of 30 tablets and is manufactured by Astra Zeneca.

What side effects may I notice from taking diazepam?

This results

Testosterone Cypionate
in a dramatically improved hardness and sharpness of the muscles. One must, however, make a distinction here since Masteron does not automatically Testosterone Cypionate improve the quality of muscles in everyone. A prerequisite is that the athlete's fat content must already be very low. In this case Testosterone Cypionate Masteron can then be the decisive factor between a smooth, flat muscle or a hard Testosterone Cypionate and ripped look. For this purpose Masteron is often only used during the last four weeks before Testosterone Cypionate a competition so that the muscles get the last "kick." Masteron is especially effective in combination with steroids such as Winstrol,

Testosterone Cypionate

Parabolan, Primobolan, Oxandrolone and also Testosterone propionate. The usual dosage taken Testosterone Cypionate by athletes is around 100 mg three times per week. Since the substance drostanolone propionate is quickly broken down in the body, frequent and regular Testosterone Cypionate injections are necessary. This fact makes Masteron a very interesting steroid when doping tests must be Testosterone Cypionate passed by a negative urine analysis. Since the propionate substance of drostanolone does not remain in the body very long in a sufficient, detectable amount, athletes inject the compound with great success up to two weeks before a test. However, since

Testosterone Cypionate

it also has anabolic characteristics and thus helps the build up of a high-qualitative muscle system, the use of Masteron Testosterone Cypionate is not only limited to the preparation stage for a competition. Athletes who want to avoid Testosterone Cypionate water retention and who readily have a problem with an elevated estrogen level, likewise appreciate Masteron. Also in this case usually Testosterone Cypionate one ampule (100mg) is injected every second day. In combination with Primobolan, Winstrol or Testosterone propionate no Testosterone Cypionate enormous strength and weight gains can be obtained, only high-quality and long-lasting results. Although women do not use Masteron very

Testosterone Cypionate

often some national and international competing female athletes do take it before a championship. Testosterone Cypionate

• It regulates menstrual cycle- (38 %)

It results in severe downregulation of beta receptors, which moderate Testosterone Cypionate ephedrine use does not do. Thus, it is particularly effective only for a short time.

It is also not clear that trenbolone results in any Testosterone Cypionate greater degree of increased aggression for a given amount of anabolic effect than testosterone itself Testosterone Cypionate does. However, on a per milligram basis, it undoubtedly does. The substance does not cause uncontrollable "roid rage"

Testosterone Cypionate
despite the hype to that effect often seen.

Danabol / Dianabol can trigger a serious acne vulgaris Testosterone Cypionate on the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders since the sebaceous gland function is stimulated. If Testosterone Cypionate a hereditary predisposition exists, dianabol can also accelerate a possible hair loss.

The down side is that this drug is responsible Testosterone Cypionate for a number of side effects. It is an alpha alkylated 17 compound, which is quite toxic to the liver. Average Testosterone Cypionate dosages for Dianabol have been in the range of 15mg to 30mg a day oral or 50mg to 100mg a week by injection. Regarded by many athletes

Testosterone Cypionate
as being one of the most effective oral steroids ever produced. It was not known as the "Breakfast of Champions" Testosterone Cypionate for nothing. Dianabol is still one of the most effective strength and size building oral steroids probably second only to Anadrol 50 but it is not as Testosterone Cypionate harsh on the system as Anadrol 50 is.

This product should provide less of the watery "bloated look" that an equal amount Testosterone Cypionate of (for example) testosterone cypionate would give, but more than you´d get with testosterone propionate. This makes it a possible choice for use in either a bulking or cutting

Testosterone Cypionate

cycle, or the ever popular "lean mass" cycle we´re seeing lately, on Steroid.com. Testosterone Cypionate Of course, the usual side effects experienced with any testosterone use would be expected with this product: Acne, water-retention, Testosterone Cypionate gyno, etc& And so would all of the positive effects we use testosterone for: muscle Testosterone Cypionate Gain, fat loss, strength gain, etc&

The third reason for the popularity of Anavar is that oxandrolone Testosterone Cypionate does not influence the body's own testosterone production.

Before the use of clenbuterol, consult a physician if you have heart or thyroid diseases, high blood pressure,

Testosterone Cypionate

diabetes, glaucoma, difficulty in urination due to an enlargement of the prostate gland or if you are taking any prescription Testosterone Cypionate drugs. Do not use clenbuterol if you are currently taking or have recently taken MAO inhibitor drugs.


Testosterone Cypionate

Drug interactions

The most common side effects with CIALIS were headache and upset stomach. Backache and Testosterone Cypionate muscle ache were also reported, sometimes with delayed onset. Most men weren't bothered by the side effects enough to stop taking CIALIS. Although a rare occurrence, men who experience an erection for more than 4 hours

Testosterone Cypionate
(priapism) should seek immediate medical attention. Discuss your medical conditions and medications with your doctor to ensure CIALIS is right Testosterone Cypionate for you and that you are healthy enough for sexual activity.

Confusion (continuing); convulsions (seizures); drowsiness Testosterone Cypionate (severe) or coma; shakiness; slow heartbeat; slow reflexes; slurred speech (continuing) ; staggering; troubled breathing Testosterone Cypionate ; weakness (severe).

Stanozolol comes in 50 mg/cc, 2 mg/tab or 5mg/tab. Winstrol Depot is manufactured by Winthrop in USA and by Zambon in Europe. Winstrol depot is very popular anabolic steroid

Testosterone Cypionate
and is a derivative of DHT. It is a relatively low androgenic steroid which does not seem to aromatize. It can be toxic to the liver in Testosterone Cypionate excessive dosages. Very few user report water retention or any other side effects. It is a popular all purpose steroid; Testosterone Cypionate many stack with Primobolan depot for cutting, others stack it with testosterone for size and strength gains. Women often use winstrol Testosterone Cypionate depot but occasionally it can cause virilization, even at low dosages. Users report that the muscle gains Testosterone Cypionate they make are solid, they are well retained after the drug use is discontinued.


Testosterone Cypionate

dose: 250-1000 mg/week

Take diazepam tablets by mouth. Follow the directions on the prescription Testosterone Cypionate label. Swallow the tablets with a drink of water. If diazepam upsets your stomach, take it with food or milk. Take your doses at regular Testosterone Cypionate intervals. Do not take your medicine more often than directed. Do not stop taking except on your doctor's advice.

Inject by the Testosterone Cypionate subcutaneous route (injecting just under the skin and preferably in the abdominal area or outer part of the upper thigh), not intramuscularly or intravenously as using the latter routes can lead to a rapid rise in blood

Testosterone Cypionate
insulin level and a sudden hypoglycemic episode;

What is Kamagra?


Testosterone Cypionate

Ttokkyo: Testosterone Cypionate 200 LA (MX) - 100 or 200 mg/ml

What does all this mean?

Gastrointestinal events Testosterone Cypionate may increase when Xenical is taken with a diet high in fat (>30% total daily calories from fat).

Testosterone Cypionate

Clenbuterol hydrochloride comes as a tablet, 0.02 mg., to take by mouth.

Discomfort and Testosterone Cypionate sweating - This is the single most noticeable effect of DNP use, both by the user and those around him/her. Even in the winter, while indoors

Testosterone Cypionate

at ambient temperatures, one may expect his or her shirt to be completely soaked through with sweat. Those with jobs requiring Testosterone Cypionate formal or semi-formal apparel are advised to consider other means of fat loss (or a new job, if preferred). Other obvious considerations lie in the Testosterone Cypionate areas of social life, personal appearance, etc. and the user must prioritize.

Clomid is also effective as an anti-estrogen. Most athletes Testosterone Cypionate will suffer from an elevated estrogen level at the conclusion of a cycle. A high estrogen level combined with a low testosterone level puts an athlete in serious risk of developing

Testosterone Cypionate
gynocomastia. With the intake of Clomid, the athlete gets the dual effect of blocking out some of the effects of estrogen, while also increasing Testosterone Cypionate endogenous testosterone production.

Generic Name: Dromastanolone Di-Propionate

Do not take Testosterone Cypionate his medicine if you are also taking or using nitroglycerin, (e.g., tablet, patch, or ointment dose forms) or other nitrates (e.g., isosorbide), Testosterone Cypionate nitroprusside (or any "nitric oxide donor" medicine), or recreational drugs Testosterone Cypionate called "poppers" containing amyl or butyl nitrate because very serious interactions may occur.

Testosterone Cypionate

If you are not sure whether a certain medicine is a nitrate, contact your doctor or pharmacist. If you are currently Testosterone Cypionate using any of these medicines, tell your doctor or pharmacist before using sildenafil. Testosterone Cypionate

Regrowth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age

The second effect of STH is Testosterone Cypionate its pronounced influence on the burning of fat. It turns more body fat into energy leading to a drastic reduction in fat or allowing Testosterone Cypionate the athlete to increase his caloric intake.

Package: 4 tabs (100 mg/tab).

All the talk about IGF-1's half-life

Testosterone Cypionate

is UTTER BULLSHIT. It is technicality without any real-world applicability. Yes rhIGF-1 has a "short Testosterone Cypionate half-life". But what does it mean? It means that it is either taken up by a cell receptor Testosterone Cypionate or bound up by a binding protein in short order. Does it mean that 20 minutes after the IGF-1 is pinned you should pin more because Testosterone Cypionate "blood levels are low"? Not by any means. Once it's activated a cell receptor, that's where it Testosterone Cypionate initiates a cellular response that will take about 72 hours to be complete and which will consume lots of energy. So the half-life of 20 minutes means NOTHING BECAUSE
Testosterone Cypionate

The second reason why Oxandrolone is so popular is that Testosterone Cypionate this compound does not aromatize in any dosage. As already mentioned, a certain part of the testosterone present in the body is converted Testosterone Cypionate into estrogen. This aromatization process, depending on the predisposition, can vary distinctly from the athlete Testosterone Cypionate to another. Oxandrolone is one of the few steroids which cannot aromatize to estrogen. Testosterone Cypionate This characteristic has various advantages for the athlete. With Oxandrolone the muscle system does not get the typical watery appearance as with

Testosterone Cypionate
many steroids, thus making it very interesting during the preparation for a competiton. In this phase it is Testosterone Cypionate especially important to keep the estrogen level as low as possible since estrogen programs the body to store water even if Testosterone Cypionate the diet is calorie-reduced. In combination with a diet, Oxandrolone helps to make the muscles hard and ripped. Although Oxandrolone itself Testosterone Cypionate does not break down fat, it plays an indirect role in this process because the substance Testosterone Cypionate often suppresses the athlete's appetite. Oxandrolone can also cause some bloating which in severat athletes results in nausea and vomiting when

Testosterone Cypionate

the tablets are taken with meals. The package insert of the Italian Oxandrolone notes its effect on the activity of Testosterone Cypionate the gastrointestinal tract. Some athletes thus report continued diarrhea. Although these symptoms are not very pleasant Testosterone Cypionate they still help the athlete break down fat and become harder. Those who work out for a competition or are interested in gaining quality muscles Testosterone Cypionate should combine Oxandrolone with steroids such as Winstrol, Parabolan, Masteron, Primobolan Testosterone Cypionate Depot, and Testosterone propionate. A stack of 50 mg Winstrol every two days, 5O mg Testosterone propionate every two days, and 25 mg

Testosterone Cypionate

Oxandrolone every day has proven effective. Another advantage of Oxandrolone's nonaromatization is that athletes who suffer from Testosterone Cypionate high blood pressure or develop gynecomastia of the thymus glands when taking stronger androgenic steroids Testosterone Cypionate will not have these side effects with a this compound. The Oxandrolone/Deca Durabolin stack is a welcome Testosterone Cypionate alternative for this group of athletes or for athletes showing signs of poor health during Testosterone Cypionate mass buildup with testosterone, Dianabol (D-bol), or Anadrol. Athletes over forty should predomi nantly use Oxandrolone.

However, I would not be surprised if

Testosterone Cypionate
one were to tell a steroid user that Clomid reduced his gains, he would immediately become afraid that Clomid reduced his gains (please Testosterone Cypionate note that no one I have ever heard of has noticed this.) Not having been so misled, however, he would not conclude this from his Testosterone Cypionate results. But if an authority publishes that such an effect occurs, whether it does or not it can become Testosterone Cypionate self-fulfilling by biasing the user.

Trenbolone Acetate

Xenical, directions

Melting Point (base): 155 Testosterone Cypionate

Women who absolutely must use an injectable testosterone should only use this preparation.

Testosterone Cypionate
The Testosterone Propionate dosage schedule should also be more spread out for a female bodybuilder, with injections coming every 5 to 7 days. Testosterone Cypionate The dosage obviously would be lower as well, generally in the range of 25 mg to 50 mg per injection. Androgenic activity should be less pronounced Testosterone Cypionate with this schedule, giving blood levels time to sufficiently decrease before the drug is administered again. In order to further Testosterone Cypionate reduce any risks, the duration of this cycle should not exceed 8 weeks. Should a stronger anabolic effect be needed, a small amount of Durabolin (Deca-Durabolin if unavailable),

Testosterone Cypionate

Oxandrolone or Winstrol could be added. Of course the risk of noticing virilizing effects from these drugs may increase, Testosterone Cypionate even with the addition of a mild anabolic. Since many of the masculinizing side effects Testosterone Cypionate of steroid use can be irreversible, it is very important for the female athlete to monitor the Testosterone Cypionate dosage, duration and incidence of side effects very closely.

Clenbuterol works very effectively Testosterone Cypionate as a fat burner. It does this by slightly increasing the body temperature.

• It improves energy levels- 84%

Purchase three or more packets of Proscar and receive

Testosterone Cypionate
a free pill cutter.

Liver Toxic: No

For the bodybuilder, the water retention that Testosterone Cypionate goes hand in hand with Testosterone enanthate cuts both ways. Certainly, one gets rapidly massive and strong; however, one's reflected image after a few Testosterone Cypionate weeks often shows completely flat, watery, and puffy muscles. The muscles appear as if they have been pumped up with air to new dimensions, Testosterone Cypionate yet during flexing nothing happens. Those who do not believe this should bother to go visit the so-called "bodybuilding champions" during the OFF-season when these exaggerated quantities of "Testo" come

Testosterone Cypionate
in. A look at the now defunct bodybuilding magazine WBF makes it even clearer. An additional problem when taking Testosterone Testosterone Cypionate enanthate is that the conversion rate to estrogen is very high. This, oil one hand, leads the body lo store more fat; Testosterone Cypionate on the other hand, feminization symptoms (gynecomastia) are not unusual. However, it must be clearly stated Testosterone Cypionate that this depends on the athlete's predisposition. By all means, there are athletes who even with 1000 mg+/week do not show feminization symptoms Testosterone Cypionate or fat deposits and who suffer very low water retention. Others, however, develop pain in their nipples
Testosterone Cypionate
by simply looking at a Testoviron-Depot ampule. Yet the additional intake of Nolvadex and Proviron should Testosterone Cypionate be considered at a dosage level of 1000 mg+/week. As already mentioned, Testo is effective for everyone, whether a beginner or Mr. Olympia. Testosterone Testosterone Cypionate enanthate also strongly promotes the regeneration process. This leads to distinctly shorter overcompensation Testosterone Cypionate phases, an increased feeling of well-being, and a distinct energy increase. This is also the reason why several athletes are able to work out twice daily for several hours six times a week and continue to build up mass and strength.

Testosterone Cypionate

Those who can work out again ,two hours after a hard leg workout know that testo works. Athletes Testosterone Cypionate who take Testosterone enanthate report an excessively strong pump effect during training. This "steroid pump" is attributed lo an increased Testosterone Cypionate blood volume with a higher oxygen supply and a higher quantity of red blood cells. Those who take mega doses of Testosterone enanthate will Testosterone Cypionate already feel an enormous pump in their upper thighs and calves when climbing stairs. Testosterone Cypionate Despite this we recommend that steroid novices stay away from all testosterone compounds. To make it very clear: Those who have never taken
Testosterone Cypionate
steroids do not yet need any testosterone and should wait until later when the "weaker" steroids begin to have little effect. For the more advanced, Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone enanthate can either be taken alone or in combination with oilier compounds. Testosterone Cypionate

Its effectiveness at the androgen receptor of muscle tissue is superior to that of testosterone: Testosterone Cypionate it binds better.it gives only about half the muscle-building results per milligram. This is Testosterone Cypionate a result of its being less effective or entirely ineffective in non-AR-mediated mechanisms for muscle growth.

The usual dosing for men is 25-50 mg/day

Testosterone Cypionate
in divided doses, preferably four or five doses. The drug is 17-alkylated and so use should be limited to no more than 6 weeks, and preferably Testosterone Cypionate no more than four weeks, with at least an equal amount of time off.

Among Testosterone Cypionate the most significant differences of synthetic AAS compared to testosterone is that they may avoid Testosterone Cypionate either or both of these enzymatic conversions. Another difference results from the fact that Testosterone Cypionate not all activity caused by androgens is mediated by the androgen receptor, and not all AAS are comparably effective in these other activities.

Clenbuterol can cause sudden

Testosterone Cypionate

death at very high dosages.

Alcohol abuse (or history of) or

Usage: Average dose is 200mg per week.

25 Testosterone Cypionate /25 /25 /50 /50 /50 /75 /75 /75 /100 /100 /100

Propecia (Finasteride)

Mental Testosterone Cypionate illness

The rate of aromatization of this kind of testosterone is quite great, so water retention and fat gain Testosterone Cypionate are a fact and gyno can be a problem. If problems occur one is best to start on 20 mg of Nolvadex per day and stay on that until problems Testosterone Cypionate subside. I wouldn't stay on it for a whole cycle, as it may reduce the gains. Testosterone is one of

Testosterone Cypionate

the few compounds where Proviron may actually be preferred over Arimidex. The Proviron will not only reduce estrogen and can be Testosterone Cypionate used for extended time on a testosterone cycle, it will also bind with great affinity to sex-hormone binding proteins Testosterone Cypionate in the blood and will allow for a higher level of free testosterone in the body, thus improving gains. The typical side Testosterone Cypionate effects can include nausea, acne, excitation or increased aggressiveness, chills, hypertension, increase in libido.


Winstrol tablets. Each Winstrol tablet contains 2 mg. stanozolol. Winstrol

Testosterone Cypionate
comes in packs of 40 tablets and is manufactured by Zambon.

Cytomel® is the popularly recognized brand name for the drug liothyronine Testosterone Cypionate sodium. This is not an anabolic steroid but a thyroid hormone. It is used medically to treat Testosterone Cypionate cases of thyroid insufficiency, obesity, certain metabolic disorders and fatigue. Specifically this drug is a pharmaceutical preparation of the natural Testosterone Cypionate thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T-3). When administered, Cytomel® increases the patient's metabolism. The result is an increased rate of cellular activity (noted by a more rapid utilization of carbohydrates,

Testosterone Cypionate

fats and proteins). Bodybuilders are particularly attracted to this drug for its ability to burn off body excess Testosterone Cypionate fat. Most often utilized during contest preparation, one can greatly decrease the amount of stored Testosterone Cypionate fat without being forced to severely restrict calories. To this end Cytomel® is commonly Testosterone Cypionate used in conjunction with Clenbuterol and can produce extremely dramatic results. This combination has become very Testosterone Cypionate popular in recent years, no doubt responsible for many "ripped" on-stage physiques. It is also noted by many that when thyroid hormones are taken in conjunction with steroids, an increased

Testosterone Cypionate

anabolic effect can be seen (noticeably greater than if the steroids are used alone). This is likely due to faster utilization of proteins Testosterone Cypionate by the body, increasing the rate for new muscle accumulation.

The ability of IGF-I to stimulate protein synthesis resembles Testosterone Cypionate the action of GH, which was shown in separate studies on volunteers to stimulate protein synthesis without Testosterone Cypionate affecting protein degradation. Although it is often believed that the effects of GH are mediated through IGF-1, this cannot be the case entirely. First, the effects of the two hormones are different, in that GH does

Testosterone Cypionate

not change protein degradation. Second, the effect of GH is observed with little or Testosterone Cypionate no change in systemic IGF-1 concentrations. Age related muscle loss has been prevented with GH injections, Testosterone Cypionate however it is believed that this is accomplished through IGF-1.

Proviron is a synthetic, orally effective Testosterone Cypionate androgen which does not have any anabolic characteristics. Proviron is used in school medi-cine to case or cure disturbances caused by a deficiency Testosterone Cypionate of male sex hormones. Many athletes, for this reason, often use Proviron at the end of a steroid treatment in order to increase the reduced testoster-one

Testosterone Cypionate
production. This, however, is not a good idea since Proviron has no effect on the body's own Testosterone Cypionate testosterone production but-as men-tioned in the beginning-only reduces or completely eliminates Testosterone Cypionate the dysfunctions caused by the testosterone deficiency. These are, in par-ticular, impotence which is mostly caused by an androgen deficiency that Testosterone Cypionate can occur after the discontinuance of steroids, and infertility which manifests itself in a reduced sperm count Testosterone Cypionate and a reduced sperm quality. Proviron is therefore taken during a steroid administration or after discontinuing the use of the steroids, to eliminate

Testosterone Cypionate

a possible impotency or a reduced sexual interest. This, however, does not con-tribute to the maintenance of strength and muscle mass Testosterone Cypionate after the treatment. There are other better suited compounds for this (see HCG, Clomid, and Teslac). Testosterone Cypionate For this reason Proviron is unfortunately considered by many to be a useless and unnecessary compound.

Harifin Testosterone Cypionate dosage

Propecia is indicated for the treatment of male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in adult men only.

In case of chest pain occurring during or after sexual activity you should NOT use nitrates but you

Testosterone Cypionate
should seek immediate medical assistance.

4-androstene-3-one, 17beta-ol

Although only slightly androgenic, women are occasionally Testosterone Cypionate confronted with virilization symptoms when taking this compound. Should this become a concern, the shorter acting nandrolone Durabolin Testosterone Cypionate would be a safer option. This drug stays active for only a few days, greatly reducing the Testosterone Cypionate impact of androgenic buildup if withdrawal were indicated.

Description 2: Stanabol 50 / Stanozolol (Winstrol Testosterone Cypionate Depot)

Testosterone is also a relatively safe steroid to use, with some studies showing

Testosterone Cypionate

no adverse effects from 20weeks at 600mgs/week! (3)Personally, I have used up to 2 grams per week of various testosterones Testosterone Cypionate but now I prefer to keep my dose of it around ˝ a gram.

Androlic / Anadrol is the most harmful oral steroid and its intake can Testosterone Cypionate cause many considerable side effects. Most users can expect certain pathological changes in their liver values Testosterone Cypionate after approximately one week. Those who discontinue the use of oxymetholone will usually show normal values within Testosterone Cypionate two months. Oxymetholone is the only anabolic/androgenic steroid, which is linked with liver cancer.


Testosterone Cypionate

minimizing the production of DHT, we should greatly reduce many of these harsh side effects Testosterone Cypionate and make our testosterone cycles more comfortable. In many instances, Harifin/Propecia can allow the athlete the use of steroid compounds Testosterone Cypionate (testosterone esters such as cypionate, enanthate, Sustanon etc.), Halotestin and methyltestosterone with much less Testosterone Cypionate androgenic side activity.

Formula (ester): C8 H14 O2

Structurally Winstrol (stanozolol) Testosterone Cypionate is not capable of converting into estrogen. Likewise an antiestrogen is not necessary when using this steroid, gynecomastia not being a concern

Testosterone Cypionate
even among sensitive individuals. Since estrogen is also the culprit with water retention, instead of bulk Winstrol produces a lean, quality Testosterone Cypionate look to the physique with no fear of excess subcutaneous fluid retention. This makes Winstrol a favorable Testosterone Cypionate steroid to use during cutting cycles, when water and fat retention are a major concern.

Insomnia Testosterone Cypionate - Second in frequency of reports to sweating and discomfort is insomnia; this may be at least partially attributed to discomfort. Possible means of countering this include such supplements as Valerian root or melatonin. Alternatively, one may deal

Testosterone Cypionate
with this via prescription or OTC sleep medications or GHB-A precursors. However, these may be addictive if used on a Testosterone Cypionate regular basis and if their use may be avoided, by all means abstain from using them.

This makes it a welcome alternative Testosterone Cypionate for athletes who have problems with the common injectable testosterone compounds. Due Testosterone Cypionate to this, Restandol (Andriol) is also suitable for pre competition workouts. An additional advantage of Restandol Testosterone Cypionate (Andriol) is non-aromatizing quality consists of the fact that the body's own hormone production is only affected after a long-term administration of

Testosterone Cypionate

very high dosages.

Danabol / Dianabol has always been one of the most popular anabolic steroids available. Danabol / Testosterone Cypionate Dianabol's popularity stems from it's almost immediate and very strong anabolic Testosterone Cypionate effects. 4-5 tablets a day is enough to give almost anybody dramatic results. It is usually Testosterone Cypionate stacked with deca durabolin and testosterone enanthate. Along with strong anabolic effects comes the Testosterone Cypionate usual androgen side effects, users often report an overall sense of well being. Danabol / Dianabol is a strong anabolic and androgenic product. It most often produced dramatic gains in size and strength.

Testosterone Cypionate
Danabol / Dianabol was also shown to increase endurance and glycogen retention.

Testosterone Cypionate

Will KAMAGRA work immediately?

Side effects include ovarian enlargement, Testosterone Cypionate vasomotor flushes, abdominal-pelvic discomfort/distention/bloating, nausea and vomiting, Testosterone Cypionate breast discomfort, visual symptoms, headache and abnormal uterine bleeding. If you notice other effects not listed Testosterone Cypionate above, contact your doctor.

Abuse Potential

• It improves skin texture (71%) and skin elasticity ( 71%)

Deca seems to be the most popular, probably because of its extremely mild

Testosterone Cypionate
androgenic nature. But Deca being one of the highest risks for just about every other side-effects, I probably wouldn't advise Testosterone Cypionate it. If Deca is used, generally a dose of 200-400 mg is added to 500-750 mg of testosterone per week. Primobolan is sometimes opted Testosterone Cypionate for, and can be handy since it doesn't aromatize, which will make the total level of water retention Testosterone Cypionate and fat gain a lot less than with more test or with Deca for example. Unfortunately, its mild nature combined with Testosterone Cypionate a lack of estrogen make Primobolan a very poor mass builder. Again, doses of 300-400 mg are used. I would actually suggest a
Testosterone Cypionate
higher dose, but with the current prices for Primo I don't think it would be very popular. My personal preference goes Testosterone Cypionate out to Equipoise. Androgenically its not that much stronger than Deca because it has Testosterone Cypionate next to no affinity for the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and is only half as androgenic as testosterone. Its twice as strong as Deca, mg for mg, and has Testosterone Cypionate a lower occurrence of side-effects. It has some estrogen, but not a whole lot so it actually tends Testosterone Cypionate to lean a person out rather than bloat him up as Deca will. It also increases appetite, which promotes gains, and improves aerobic performance, which

Testosterone Cypionate

may be wishful as testosterone normally has an opposite effect.

Testosterone is the prime male androgen in the body, and as such still the best possible mass builder in the world. It has a high risk of side-effects because it readily converts to a more androgenic form (DHT) in androgen responsive tissues and forms estrogen quite easily. But these characteristics also provide it with its extreme anabolic tendencies. On the one hand estrogen increases growth hormone output, glucose utilization, improves immunity and upgrades the androgen receptor, while on the other hand a testosterone/DHT combination is extremely potent at activating the androgen receptor and eliciting major strength and size gains. While not always the most visually appealing result, there is no steroid on earth that packs on mass like testosterone does.

Testosterone Cypionate is a single-ester, long-acting form of testosterone. Due to the length of its ester (8 carbons) it is stored mostly in the adipose tissue upon intra-musuclar injection, and then slowly but very steadily released over a certain period of time. A peak is noted after 24-48 hours of injection and then a slow decline, reaching a steady point after 12 days and staying there for over 3 weeks time. Of course most users of anabolics will not find adequate benefit in the use of this steady-point dose, so this product is normally injected once a week, making the very lowest dose higher than half the peak dose at any given time. This is roughly the starting blood level as well. A long-acting testosterone ester is a must-have in any mass-building cycle. As such this is a very decent product.

Personally I have more affinity for testosterone enanthate, but few users will note any real difference between the two products, and both remain a better buy than their popular counterpart sustanon 250, which is a poor choice of testosterone in my opinion. It makes sense that a user simply opts for which one is most readily available at the time. They sell for roughly the same price, and are almost equally good. So most North and South-American users will usually opt for the use of a cypionate, as it is more available in those regions, whereas Europeans and Asians will probably prefer the enanthate version.

A long-acting testosterone ester may be the best for all your mass-building needs, but its not an easy product to use. Because of the extreme length of action (3-4 weeks) one cannot easily solve occurring problems by simply discontinuing the product, as it will continue to act and aggravate side-effects over extended periods of time. In regards to damage control and post-cycle therapy, some familiarity with the use of ancillary drugs is required prior to using a long-acting testosterone product. Nolvadex and Proviron will come in very handy in such cases and post-cycle HCG and clomid or Nolvadex will be required as well to help restore natural testosterone. Frequency of side-effects is probably highest with this type of product.

While most will tell you it's a waste to not use testosterone, as it will take ages longer to build proper mass, these are all points to take into consideration. Testosterone is a product that is heavily used by beginners and veterans alike and justly so. Those who fear they may never understand the proper use of ancillary drugs, may want to suck it up and invest in some propionate or suspension testosterones instead. These are much shorter acting and easier to control, but they do need to be injected once every two days, whereas this type of ester will impart great gains with a single weekly injection. Something to keep in mind.


Testosterone is the most powerful compound there is, so obviously its perfectly fine to use it by itself. With a long-acting ester like Cypionate doses of 500-1000 mg per week are used with very clear results over a 10 week period. If you've ever seen a man swell up with sheer size, then testosterone was the cause of it. But testosterone is nonetheless often stacked. Due to the high occurrence of side-effects, people will usually split up a stack in testosterone and a milder component in order to obtain a less risky cycle, but without having to give up as much of the gains. Primobolan, Equipoise and Deca-Durabolin are the weapons of choice in this matter. Deca seems to be the most popular, probably because of its extremely mild androgenic nature. But Deca being one of the highest risks for just about every other side-effects, I probably wouldn't advise it. If Deca is used, generally a dose of 200-400 mg is added to 500-750 mg of testosterone per week.

Primobolan is sometimes opted for, and can be handy since it doesn't aromatize, which will make the total level of water retention and fat gain a lot less than with more test or with Deca for example. Unfortunately, its mild nature combined with a lack of estrogen make Primobolan a very poor mass builder. Again, doses of 300-400 mg are used. I would actually suggest a higher dose, but with the current prices for Primo I don't think it would be very popular. My personal preference goes out to Equipoise. Androgenically its not that much stronger than Deca because it has next to no affinity for the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and is only half as androgenic as testosterone. Its twice as strong as Deca, mg for mg, and has a lower occurrence of side-effects. It has some estrogen, but not a whole lot so it actually tends to lean a person out rather than bloat him up as Deca will. It also increases appetite, which promotes gains, and improves aerobic performance, which may be wishful as testosterone normally has an opposite effect.

Of course testosterone cypionate can be stacked with any number of compounds apart from these, but these make the best match. When stacking with testosterone, one needs to look at what the other compound can bring. Either it has a characteristic that testosterone doesn't have, or its nominally safer. The testosterone will bring all the mass, so adding another steroid to enhance mass alone, is futile. More testosterone is the best remedy for that.

One needs to be familiar with a host of other compounds when using long-acting testosterone esters however. First of all, anti-estrogens. The rate of aromatization of testosterone is quite great, so water retention and fat gain are a fact and gyno is never far off. If problems occur one is best to start on 20 mg of Nolvadex per day and stay on that until problems subside. I wouldn't stay on it for a whole cycle, as it may reduce the gains. In terms of an aromatase blocker, testosterone is one of the few compounds where Proviron may actually be preferred over arimidex. The proviron will not only reduce estrogen and can be used for extended time on a testosterone cycle, it will also bind with great affinity to sex-hormone binding proteins in the blood and will allow for a higher level of free testosterone in the body, thus improving gains.

Usually 50-100 mg will suffice, the lower end is preferred for maximal results since estrogen plays a key role in gains, but those more worried about estrogen should opt for a higher dose. For those worried about androgenic side-effects (hair loss, prostate hypertrophy, deepening of voice), one can utilize the hair loss treatment finasteride. This blocks the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and stops the conversion of testosterone to the more androgenic compound DHT. I'm not a big fan of this, because DHT reduces estrogenic bloat, increases free levels of testosterone and is a very potent androgen that is 3-4 times stronger than testosterone. Those worried about hair loss however, may want to opt for arimidex as their anti-aromatase, since Proviron is a form of DHT after all.

After a cycle, mainly due to the high aromatization and increased levels of estradiol in the blood after discontinuing, natural testosterone levels will be severely suppressed. This means steps need to be taken to assure the quick return of natural testosterone, or we stand to lose a lot of the gains we made while using testosterone. Since it's a non-toxic, potent mass-builder its mostly used in long 10-12 week cycles. So some testicular shrinkage will have occurred too. Its very important that people see that HCG and Nolvadex/clomid are essential as a post-cycle therapy, and that both are equally important in achieving our goal. HCG injections should be started the last week of the cycle and continued for 3-4 weeks, using 1500-3000 IU every 5-6 days. HCG will act as an alternative to LH and start the endogenous testosterone cycle, thereby increasing testicle size once again. Then about 2 weeks after the last shot of testosterone is given, Nolvadex/Clomid cycle should be started. 40 mg of Nolva or 150 mg of Clomid per day for two weeks, followed by two more weeks with either 20 mg of Nolva or 100 mg of Clomid per day should be adequate. Always remember that HCG is suppressive of natural testosterone itself and should be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior to finishing Nolvadex/Clomid.

Testosterone Cypionate

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